Interview: Saurabh Thakekar Brings Midnight Cycling To Mumbai

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I was riding on the backseat of a bike when I first spotted them. A group of young cyclists who were riding on their cycles followed by a bunch of whole others, riding towards Hughes Road in South Mumbai. I wasn’t surprised though – I’d seen an event page about ‘Midnight cycling in Mumbai’ a week or more ago, hosted by Mumbai Travellers and had the itch to join them. But alas, that didn’t happen. A few months passed by and a few more such drives were organised, heightening my curiosity – isn’t this really difficult considering the safety issues in the city? Do people really turn up? What is the motto? In a quick chat with ​Saurabh Thakekar, Co-founder, Mumbai Travellers, here’s taking a closer look at what goes into organising midnight cycling rides in the city:
Saurabh Thakekar
When was the first midnight cycling drive hosted by you? How did it go and what kind of a response did it generate? It was hosted about a year back and our whole team was pretty much excited about same as it was a super crazy idea to do midnight cycling in Mumbai. And it received well, with the same passion and excitement by travel lovers as well!  It was a great success and we were bombarded with inquiries for next batches and new routes. We now have gained visibility and a greater response through social media and the internet. What lead you'll to organize these expeditions? We are the biggest travel club in Mumbai and every single day we keep vouching to create new, passionate and crazy travel concepts for Mumbaikars. Cycling was always on the cards and midnight cycling sounded just great and innovative to execute! What challenges did you'll face? There were basically two major challenges, the first one being the police who are sometimes helpful but otherwise, they can go on and stop an event from taking place altogether. Nevertheless, they kept inquiring about our whereabouts when we were riding. Secondly we had to tackle roadside romeos and troublesome people who would try to bugger us and cast wayward glances at a few people in the group. But we have managed to counter these troubles over a period of time What kind of reactions do the participants give during and after these expeditions? Every single traveller has rated this activity as outstanding and given awesome reviews. We have a lot of brilliant testimonials about the same. When is the next midnight cycling expedition? Every month we have atleast two midnight cycling events. You can check the dates at on our website. What plans are in store with regard to the trail, duration of these expeditions? We have already launched the second leg of ride. So now we do a heritage ride and a coastal ride.  We are also working on creating various outdoor cycling events near Mumbai and have a great line up coming for 1 day / 2 day outdoor cycling events across various themes like - caves, waterfall, forest, beach-side etc.  We also concluded our first outdoor cycling event to Kondana caves near Karjat with a group of 40 outdoor lovers. So all you cycling lovers, you know where to look when you wish to hit the road. All photos by

Divya Naik

Divya Naik
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