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How can you tell that the people of a city are frustrated, stressed and looking for a way out? Well, just count the number of spaces and venues within it that promise an escape. Mumbai definitely is one of these cities. Have you noticed the number of wellness spaces around? Almost every street corner has one. I’m not complaining though, ‘cause at the moment I am (quite happily) one of those frustrated, stressed out people looking for a way out. So if I wanted to spend an evening meditating, dancing, or maybe getting a massage, these are some of the new places I would head to:

Tangerine Arts Studio in Banrda
Tangerine Arts Studio in Banrda

Tangerine Arts Studio – Bandra
This lovely space
is run by dancer Tanvi Mehra, who after tapping, whirling and twirling around many a studio, decided it was time to run her own. Her space is dedicated to dance, yoga and learning, and of course the fine art of socializing with likeminded folk. Tanvi herself conducts Ashtanga Yoga classes at Tangerine. But if deep breaths and downward dogs aren’t your thing you can try your hand at muay thai, belly dance or Zumba fitness. The space can be rented out as well, for rehearsals, classes and workshops. They have some pretty interesting stuff coming up, like for example a Hoola hooping workshop on the 1st of March, where you can get fit and shed some pounds while you wiggle around trying to keep the hoola hoop spinning. Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

Tangerine is just a few weeks old, but Bandra seems to have an insatiable appetite for artsy spaces of the kind. All their classes are popular and there’s quite a variety to choose from. For information on fees and to register for classes email info@tangerineartsstudio.com or call 9867369960.

Meditation class at Tangerine

Inch by Inch, the Body Temple – Versova
You’ll stop grumbling about the lack of space in Mumbai when you visit this Body Temple. This sprawling stand-alone wellness clubhouse looks like one of Mr.Kingkisher’s mansions, complete with a private swimming pool, large archways and smiling hosts to open doors for you. The space has a large gym, a spinning room, an aerobics studio, a luxury day spa, hair and beauty salon, and I already mentioned the pool. They even have a fancy café run by Tertulia, one of Pune’s most loved tapas bars.

Their official launch party will be held on the 28th of February, which promises to be quite an evening, complete with wine, cheese and lots of air kisses. The event will be hosted by owners Sheetal Nahar Aggarwal and Sunil Agarwal, along with Maria Goretti and Kunika Singh. The space is already operational and classes are slowly filling up. Inch by Inch already has three branches, in Tardeo, Matunga and Marine Drive. But this one definitely has one of the finest locations, the area is breezy, filled with palm trees and is the perfect place to begin the day or spend a lazy weekend afternoon. Visit their website or call 080 82 564624

An Iyengar yoga class at Yogacara
An Iyengar yoga class at Yogacara

Yogacara Healing Arts – Banrda
Yogacara was founded with the singular purpose of slowing down life. They help you live the stress-free, enlightened life you want to leave with a series of classes and workshops in yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, pranayama and other healing arts. They have two centres in Mumbai, one at Mahalaxmi and Bandra. Both are equipped with cosy studios and the necessary equipment, plus of course, a stellar faculty to guide you. The teachers are different, but both centres offer classes in Iyengar yoga and Kundalini yoga.

In addition to these you can take Ashtanga and Classical Hatha yoga classes at their Bandra branch. What makes the Bandra centre even attractive is the recently launched Zen Garden Café, where you can eat Ayurvedic wholesome food which is both nourishing and comforting. Keep a look out on their Facebook page and website for interesting food, yoga and wellness workshops!

This crazy city may be the cause of many of your problems, but if offers up some pretty cool solutions doesn’t it? Like these three spaces, for example.

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