#MumbaiList: Stay Fashionably Fit With The Right Workout Wardrobe

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Mezzaluna Swinwear
Urban Yoga

Being a self-admitted fitness freak, I’ve experienced first hand what people mean when they say that fitness is a lifestyle. In the beginning, it’s hard to stay motivated or drag yourself for a workout and I find that  having flattering workout apparel and accessories can make a difference. Wearing the right clothes to exercise is not only important for comfort but also helps you get into ‘workout mode’. Here’s a list of stores and brands that will help you stay stylish while you get fit. Let’s leave out the Puma, Addidas, Nike and Reebok stores which have been done to death and let’s explore what else is out there.

Breathe in, Breathe out

Do You Speak Green?

In India, as in much of the world, yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise and wellness. Yoga clothing needs to facilitate movement and allow the skin to breathe. Urban Yoga is a brand that specializes in fitness wear; their clothes are 100% cotton, sweat absorbent and easy to maintain. Without unnecessary zips, labels and embellishments that get in the way of yogasanas, the brand uses only natural dyes, which ensures that your skin doesn’t get irritated. Some collections are make exclusively with bamboo cotton, which is eco-friendly and skin-friendly. Urban Yoga also makes yoga accessories like yoga mats, yoga belts and much more.

Organic clothing brand Do You Speak Green also makes some form flattering yoga clothes. If you don’t already have washboard abs and sinewy legs, this brand will motivate you to get them.

Dancing Divas

Dance Essentials

Dancers are notoriously vain, and rightfully so. Dance is a performance art which demands appropriate clothing that is not only easy to move in, but is easy on the eyes. Dance essentials is the one stop shop for all practitioners of jazz, ballet, contemporary and gymnastics. You’ll find everything from leotards and tutus to point shoes and legwarmers at this store. The store is owned and managed by Karene Mody who being a dancer herself is making the best international dance apparel available in Mumbai.

Heading outdoors

Stay Hydrated, Wildcraft

If you’re the outdoorsy sort and prefer hiking, rock climbing, bear-grills and cycling you might like to pay a visit to the huge Wildcraft store at the end of Linking road in Bandra. The store caters more to functionality than fashion, but you’ll find great accessories like water bottles, gym bags, and even a small selection of well designed clothing.

Avi Industries in Matunga East is for the more hardcore hikers and mountaineers. They stock some very sturdy shoes and clothing, which will stand the test of the harshest of weather.

Making a splash

Functional Swimwear from Mezzaluna

Though Mumbai has several swimming pools and sports clubs, swim wear is painfully hard to find. Mezzaluna is about to change that. This Bandra store makes custom-made, ready to wear swim wear. They stock everything from high end barely-there bikinis to functional scuba suits. Since they customize, you don’t have to worry about squeezing into ‘free-size’ swim suits that most shops sell. You can choose between several designs and colours, and make a splash in style. They also have an online store.

Go shop now and add some colour and style to your workout regime!

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I'll chat with my imaginary pet dog and perfect a handstand while the rest of you act like grown ups.