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Being a college student, I totally love cool and funny T-Shirts. Who doesn’t ? Sometimes I go crazy looking for that one funny and awesome T-Shirt that will make everyone go bonkers after reading whats written on it. Well, there are many websites today which offer you the choice of choosing hilarious tees, LED Tees & even customizing you tees the way you want. Here’s the list:

Sheepstop’s LOL Tee. Courtesy : www.sheepstop.com

SheepStop : These guys have some really funky, funny & uber cool t-shirts. I happened to come across their t-shirts at a store in Andheri(W) called ‘Bliss‘. As I was browsing through their t-shirts, I just couldn’t stop laughing at the designs. I also went through the Sheep Stop website & viewed their entire collection.

Unique designs & a cool website seem to be a magnet for college students who are always on the look out for cool & cheap tees. I ordered a t-shirt and it was at my residence in two working days. Inside my t-shirt lay a handwritten thank you note with my name on it. Spectacular! Cash on delivery is only available for Mumbai & Pune. This is one brand you do not want to miss out on.

Strendy lets you customize the text on the T-Shirts. Courtesy : www.strendy.com

Strendy : I happened to come across this website whilst browsing my way through google looking for some funky t-shirts, again. This website won’t have the wittiest of the witty t-shirts, but what they do allow is to let you customize your t-shirts. That’s right people! Add your own text, pictures and whatever you desire. Its your tee, and you deserve to have it your way. They do offer cash on delivery for an additional charge of Rs.8o. Worth checking out!

Bewakoof : Just as the name goes, this is one crazy website. From funny designs to desi lines,it offers variety. They even have a wide variety of spoof t-shirts based on popular movies & big brands. Wear their t-shirts and expect a laugh from all of your friends 🙂

One of their Desi t-shirt designs. Courtesy : www.bewakoof.com

Tshirts : The name may seem to be very simple & boring, but trust me, their collection isn’t. Just like all the other websites, this one has something different, something that isn’t very common to see. LED T-shirts. That’s right! These t-shirts have LED lights under them & anyone wearing them can be a party rocker at any party!! And if you’re thinking that these t-shirts will bleed your wallet dry, then you’re wrong. All LED T-shirts are priced at Rs.749!

Which one have you bought? Go on, show off!

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