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Okay, okay, agreed that many of us pray that we never have to go all the way to Navi Mumbai. But, truth be told, it’s becoming quite a happening place of late while still retaining that charm of being serene than most of the Mumbai suburbs. Should you happen to find yourself venturing out into Navi Mumbai—and you certainly should plan a day trip to check out places like Seawoods or Urban Haat—then this guide to eating out in Navi Mumbai will definitely come in handy. I’ve compiled this list based on personal experiences of eating out in Navi Mumbai since yours truly ends up spending a significant amount of time there each month. Let us know what your personal experience has been at these places, and if you feel we have left out any must visit restaurants, lounges and coffee shops in Navi Mumbai then by all means drop a comment below and let us know!

Street Style Pan Asian Fare, Soy Street
Street Style Pan Asian Fare, Soy Street

Soy Street (Vashi):
Soy Street has got to have one of the best Chinese buffets I have come across in a long, long time. Plan a lunch trip to Soy Street and find yourself treated to an overwhelming variety of appetizers, main courses and desserts. The interiors are also very elegant, and the staff is usually very attentive.

Kaktus Bar & Kitchen (CBD Belapur):
Kaktus Bar & Kitchen was a gem of a place I recently stumbled across on Women’s Day this year thanks to a Groupon Deal. The soup here, especially the Broccoli & Almond Soup, is simply brilliant. Trust me, you will not find soup this insane anywhere else–it’s their specialty!

Mosaic, Country Inn
Mosaic, Country Inn

Mosaic—Country Inn & Suites (Vashi):

Two words—High Tea. If you really want to experience what tea time really is, then need to get yourself to Country Inn. You will be amazed by the generous serving size of pakoras, sandwiches and desserts that keep finding their way to your table along with the tea and coffee. Hotel Yogi Midtown in Turbhe has also been offering High Tea these days, and is also worth a try.

Ashwith Bar & Restaurant (CBD Belapur):
Ashwith Bar & Restaurant has to be one of my favorite family restaurants in Navi Mumbai. They always get their Indian cuisine right, especially if you’re fond of vegetarian dishes. Their missi rotis and paneer handi are simply fantastic. For more places that specialize in desi khaana, I also highly recommend Dakshin’s in CBD Belapur—their biryanis and thaalis are lovely—and I recommend Bhagat Tarachand (Vashi & Sanpada) if you are looking for a more classy, vibrantly lit family restaurant.

Brew House Cafe
Brew House Cafe

Brew House Cafe (Belapur & Kharghar):
Brew House Café is without a doubt my favorite place to eat at in Navi Mumbai–I keep finding myself here for lunch and dinner. The ambiance is marked by characteristic interior decorations including a bike on a platform and a collection of books on a shelf. Their pastas, pizzas, shakes and desserts are simply yummy. And, to top if all, they are open past midnight! Service is a bit slow, but this place is definitely a great place to chill at with friends or a significant other. You won’t be disappointed.

The Angrezi Pub (CBD Belapur):

Finally an awesome pub to chill at in Navi Mumbai! And, they have pretty decent bands performing their regularly. Furthermore their food is quite good and their interiors are very decent. Go, go, go!

Front Street Bakery (Vashi & CBD Belapur):

If you want to dig into some yummy desserts make a visit to Front Street Bakery and try out their cheesecakes. I’ve been tempted to have just desserts for dinner several times. I’ve also been hearing a lot about the dessert spread at La Crosta in Kharghar.


Bean2Coffee is another one of my favorite coffee shops to just chill. Climb a ladder up and you’ll see the kid within you awaken when you are greeted by a bunch of board games and puzzles on the table. Their milkshakes, coffees, pastas and burgers are pretty nice and you can easily stay here for hours. Speaking of coffee, I have also heard good things about Coffeequake in Seawoods and am thinking of checking it out soon. The Leo Café in Kharghar is also another really nice café to chill at.

Momos Utsav Chowk, Kharghar:
Kharghar is heaven for the momo lover. They have an entire roadside, Utsav Chowk, dedicated to steamed and fried momos. Near Utsav Chowk is a quaint, tiny joint called Sandrich that serves delicious sandwiches, chaats, juices and milkshakes, in case you are looking for a quick, casual bite.

Café Monza (Kharghar):

Italian food, mashed potatoes and milkshakes are the three cornerstones of my Café Monza experience. Their blueberry and strawberry milkshakes are by far the best in all of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai combined. In fact, one of my friends who hates traveling from suburbs to Navi Mumbai feels very tempted now and then to go all the way to Kharghar just for those blueberry milkshakes at Monza. Be careful, one sip and you might find yourself traveling quite some distance again and again for more.

Pronto Pasta & Noodles (Vashi):

If you’re craving pasta and are on a budget head over to the very casual Pronto in Vashi where you can create customized pastas—this is more of a parcel pick-up place unless you don’t mind eating outside with mosquitoes feasting on your blood. And, if you’re not on a budget and looking for an alternative place to feast on Italian cuisine, allow me to also suggest the very classy Tornado Kitchen & Bar, also in Vashi.

Pot Pourri (Vashi):
While it is a bit overpriced, Pot Pourri has got to be applauded for their music playlist and ambiance full of interesting decor and trinkets. The quality of food has gone down over the past few months and either the portions have shrunk or my appetite has increased, but this is a good place to chill at with friends or to bring a date. For those of you who don’t think mocktails are worth the time of day, you have to try their Minty Melon mocktail and, boss, then we’ll talk.

Rockville, CBD Belapur
Rockville, CBD Belapur

The Park (CBD Belapur):
If you want to have a king size (or, queen size) breakfast, make your way to The Park. They also have a very classy lounge, Dusk, for the party animals out there! Speaking of lounges, there is also QDS Lounge in Vashi and The Rooftop in Sanpada.

Rockville Bar & Diner (CBD Belapur):
Rockville makes this list for two main reasons—a) the interiors are quite pleasant, and, yes, ambiance does make a difference in the whole eating out experience, and b) their vegetable biryani and daal makhani are delicious. I wouldn’t really suggest trying their Italian food at all though—not quite up to the mark, and the place is costly. They have live music performances here from time to time, so plan your dinner visit accordingly.

Rainforest Resto-Bar (CBD Belapur):
Now while Rainforest isn’t restricted to Navi Mumbai—you will find several other Rainforest Resto-Bars scattered throughout Mumbai—it definitely deserves a mention for being one of the few restaurants in Navi Mumbai which always guarantees a lively ambiance combined with yummy Indian food. Rainforest vibe, drinks and desi khaanaa—it’s a winner!

Know of others that should make it to our list? Tell us by commenting below. Share your reviews of Mumbai restaurants with us and get featured in our Readers Write section.

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Born and brought up in Washington, DC, Amanda Sodhi moved to Mumbai from Los Angeles to pursue her passion for music and now fronts a pop-rock band called The Chudail & Demons. She is a vocalist-lyricist, VO artist, journalist, award-winning screenwriter & filmmaker and also runs a social media & online PR firm called Artist Handle.


Amanda Sodhi

Amanda Sodhi
Born and brought up in Washington, DC, Amanda Sodhi moved to Mumbai from Los Angeles to pursue her passion for music and now fronts a pop-rock band called The Chudail & Demons. She is a vocalist-lyricist, VO artist, journalist, award-winning screenwriter & filmmaker and also runs a social media & online PR firm called Artist Handle.