New Restaurants: Piccoli Tortini, Love & Cheesecake Will Make It Tough To Stay Away From Sweets


A table setting at Piccoli Tortini

Diwali is over but if your sweet tooth still needs a fix, try these new sweet shops that are worth a visit.

Piccoli Tortini
This is a high end Italian Pasticceria that serves cupcakes, cheesecakes, tortinis and mini pastries. They also serve savory food like pastas, salads, salads, paninis and breads. These make perfect accompaniments for tea and coffee, also served at Piccoli Tortini. What’s special about this place is that the delicate well-crafted confections are served in gilded, pretty crockery that befit a princess.

The name Piccoli tortini is Italian for mini cakes. One of the mini treats that stands out at Piccoli Tortini is the cannoli tortini; a rolled up buttery pastry shell which is filled with sweet cream. That sounds like a mouthful of confectionery heaven!

What’s also special about Piccoli Tortini is that all produce used in their kitchen comes all the way from Europe. All of the raw materials are organic and responsibly sourced. So when you visit, you can enjoy the fact that your coffee comes with organic milk and free range eggs go into making their cake! So you are indulged, while your body is kept free from all things harmful, except of course the calories. But then again, ’tis the season to indulge!

From Monday to Saturday Piccoli Tortini serves English Afternoon Tea with an Italian Twist. Sounds like a great way to spend the afternoon. Don’t you think?

Where: Shams Palace, 98 Hill Road, Bandra , Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400050
Contact: 022-69996065/9930757418

Blueberry Cheesecake at Love & Cheesecake

Love & Cheesecake
If you’re a hardcore cheesecake lover this pâtisserie is bound to spark your curiosity. Love & Cheesecake aims at spreading “the love and joy of premium, classic, hand-made desserts.” Discover a wide range of desserts at this pastry shop, but of course the focus is on baked and cold cheesecakes. The menu features some classics like the Original Philadelphia Cheesecake and a cold Lemon Cheesecake, but expect some exotic, unusual flavors as well. For instance, this November and December the seasons specials include a Caramel Macademia Nut Cheesecake, a Mango Passionfruit Cheesecake and a Blackberry Cheesecake. Just for good measure they throw in miscellaneous desserts like mousse, cupcakes and tiramisu,

Love & Cheesecake keeps it interesting and ever so often they change their menu introducing seasonal or daily specials. The cheesecakes are priced at Rs.1200 per kg and the ones with alcohol like the Rum Raisin or the Tequilla and Lime cheesecake are priced at Rs.2500.

Suppose you find it hard to choose between all the interesting flavors you can sample the bite size cheesecake minis and cheesecake cupcakes. They come packed in a pretty little box, so next time you want to do something special for someone special gift them a box of Love and Cheesecake.

Where: Kusum Kunj, Linking Road, Khar West

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