Deonar Is A Dump


Mumbai's oldest dump at Deonar in Chembur, is causing mental and health problems to locals due to negligence by the civil body. The amount of garbage being piled up has increased significantly, but the management just isn't up to the mark. This causes a stench around the entire area, reducing the general well-being of the residents. School children and senior citizens are being infected by diseases due to this, spreading their viruses to others as well. Furthermore, the civic body on inquiry stubbornly says that there is absolutely no pollution in the area.

As another day ends at Rafi Nagar municipal school in Shivaji Nagar, students dash out, splashing through mud puddles left by rain. A few of them, however, walk into Deonar dumping ground, bang located opposite the school, through a broken compound wall.

The children, between seven and 10 years of age, pick up objects in the landfill site and play in the water, oblivious of the toxins and chemicals they are touching.

Ten to 15 pipes also drain out leachate and sewage from the site directly on to Ahilyabai Holkar Marg and inside the school premises, where 500 students study.

Dr Rahil Qamar Siddique, who regularly reprimands the children for entering the landfill site, is the only doctor at Rajiv Gandhi Medical Centre in Shivaji Nagar, where patients from Rafi Nagar, Baba Nagar, Nirankar Nagar and Vashi come for treatment.

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