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It's a life of loneliness for Shiva, a 34 year old rhino in the Byculla Zoo. It has been years since officials are in search for a suitable female mate for the celibate rhino, and they recently found two females in Delhi. They were all ready to transport Shiva to Delhi, except they didn't consider Shiva's will. Officials at the zoo spent hours trying to get Shiva into a cage for being transported, but all their efforts seemed to go to vain. Looks like Shiva isn't really into girls.

When Byculla zoo officials found two potential mates for the celibate rhino Shiva and decided to shift him to Delhi, they overlooked one crucial detail: he may not be really into girls.

After a nine-year struggle to look for a partner for 34-year-old Shiva, zookeepers were on Wednesday grappling to move him into a transit cage that will be transported to Delhi’s National Zoological Park, where two female rhinos await him.

The keepers tried different tactics – offering Shiva his favourite food, partly draining his pool – to lure or force him into the transit cage, but in vain. Shiva would walk up to the cage and turn back, delaying perhaps his last chance to end his life of celibacy.

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