Now That’s A Strange Pet


Thirteen year old Abu got quite an extraordinary pet as a gift from his father: an eight foot long emu named "Speedy". While most parents would prefer a more convenient cat or dog, realty developer Mohammed Shaikh found this emu abandoned and decided to rescue it and give it to his son. Speedy eats a lot of food, and that might be the reason for his previous owners to abandon him, speculates Shaikh. His entire family loves this strange new addition to their family, especially Abu. This is one fine example of animal welfare we can all do.

As 13-year-old Abu Bakar Shaikh moves in his building compound with a friend, the two make quite a sight. After all, Abu Bakar has a unique friend – an 8-foot tall emu which struts around proudly. While other kids in his building, Sai Dham in Nalasopara, watch excitedly, adults too look on with glee.

The emu named Speedy is a gift from his dad, a realty developer. “Speedy’s quite sweet and playful… He runs fast. My friends and I have fun playing with Speedy,” says Abu Bakar, a class 8 student of St Aloysius English High School.”


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