Rise In Road Kills


There has been an 11 percent rise in road kills in the city. Over speeding and careless driving contributes to a major part of it, but motorists alone are not to be blamed. Pedestrians can be held accountable for this rise in number too. The BMC has faithfully installed several skywalks, over head bridges and subways to aid safe road crossing, but people still prefer to hawk roads and risk their lives. It's time you take the safer route.

The number of road accidents in Mumbai has increased by 10 per cent and deaths due to such accidents have grown by 11 per cent. This has been revealed by figures provided by the Mumbai traffic police.

The number of accidents and deaths between January and June this year (2013) is higher than what the figure was during the same period last year.

During the six-month period this year, there were 249 accidents registered as compared to 226 accidents cases registered last year – a rise of 23 cases. The number of deaths up to June this year stood at 258 as compared to 231 during the same period last year. That’s an increase of 27 cases.

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Source : DNA

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