Seeking A Ban On Victorias During Monsoons


The People for Animals welfare association (PFA), seeks to ban Mumbai's popular Victoria horse carriages during monsoons. This is being done for the best interests of the employed horses. Studies have shown that horses working on hard pavements are likely to suffer from various diseases and disorders. Now imagine what these already suffering horses shall be going through when you add in rainfall. If not completely banned, these horseback carriages should at least be given a rest during monsoons.
People for Animals (PFA), the country’s largest animal welfare organisation, is seeking a ban on the operation of horse-drawn carriages in the city, at least for the period of the monsoon, as the health of these animals gets worse in the rain.

PFA will make this plea before the Bombay High Court on Thursday, when a public interest litigation (PIL) comes up for hearing. It will substantiate its plea along with a veterinarian’s report on the effects that prolonged exposure to rain has on the horses.

“Our lines ring regularly during the rains, with people informing us about accidents. Horses should not be worked on concrete in the first place and then you add rain to the mixture,” said Chetan Sharma, member PFA. “We sincerely hope that these abused animals will get some respite from working in Mumbai’s harsh monsoons.”

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