With Jimmy Gone, Byculla Zoo Has Nothing


At present, the Byculla Zoo has no "big" animals, as many of the visitors complain. First, Shiva the Rhino was sent off to Delhi to join his female counterparts. Now, Jimmy the lioness is under medical surveillance and is spending time in the hospital. Jimmy was a major attraction, and chances of her returning to the zoo are very bleak. She is suffering from arthritis and paraplegia, and may never be able to walk properly again, barring her from being displayed publicly. Jimmy is the last of the big cats that remain in the zoo.
The lone big cat in the Byculla zoo is suffering from arthritis and onset of paraplegia. Though stable, she is being treated at the inhouse hospital, away from visitors. With Shiva the rhino sent to Delhi, visitors to the Byculla zoo are now being denied glimpses of another major attraction the lone big cat whose enclosure at the moment is empty.
An African-Asiatic hybrid, Jimmy, the zoo’s 14-year-old lioness, has taken ill off and on due to the onset of paraplegia. In addition, she has been diagnosed with arthritis, and has been moved to the zoo hospital in the premises, where she is under the observation of experts.

While her condition is said to be stable, sources at the zoo say that the chances of her permanently returning to her enclosure for public viewing are extremely bleak.

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