Night Call: Midnight Binging Made Easy


Open Late, Night Call
“Every weekend it would be the same story. I’m hanging out with my friends at Colaba and invariably one of them would start griping about how we are out of smokes or booze and there is no way we can lay our hands on any at that unearthly hour. I had to do something about it; for the sake of my own weekend, I had to!” says Kaiser about Night Call. So what did Kaiser do? Well, he teamed up with buddy Rohit Sharma to start a late night cigarette, booze and food delivery service for the weekends called Night Call. The two had toyed with the idea for over a year. But since they were both setting up their businesses, Kaiser runs NovaAudion and Rohit runs Door Knob Designs, it took them so long. Finally, last weekend, they decided it was time! Kaiser was so prepared for my next question; I didn’t even have to ask it. “I know, Night Call brings to mind various things (laughs) but here is the story.. We were sitting and talking about the launch and almost considered 'FooCig' as the name when suddenly the song “Night Call” from the movie Drive, started playing from my playlist. And there it was, just staring us in the face. We had to name it Night Call!” Open Late, Night Call Currently Night Call delivers only on the weekends (Friday to Sunday, 11 pm to 4 am) from Cuffe Parade to CST and operates from Kaiser’s car. With laptops plugged in and phones handy, the Kaiser and Rohit take orders and deliver the goods themselves. “We will definitely look at hiring a few delivery personnel as soon as we can, but for now we are the delivery men. We also plan to start delivery to a wider area but again, that will take some time” says Kaiser. The website is not the best but it has been put together in 30 mins so we give the duo credit for that. And all through the call, I could hear Kaiser typing away vigorously to get their FaceBook and Twitter pages up so that people can start using them to place orders. Night Call menu is available on their website and you can also place orders on phone and through email. So next time you are out of smokes, you know who to call. Just don’t be surprised if the delivery is made in a Honda City! Open Late Image Courtesy: Mr Noded

Garima Sharma

Garima Sharma
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