#MumbaiList: 10 Offbeat Weekend Getaways You Should Explore This Monsoon

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Sure we love Bombay rains. Marine Drive, Bandstand or even Madh Island – they create the perfect backdrop for a rainy day while your ‘Iktara’ playlist is underway. Then a horn beeps loudly and your perfect daydream is ruined.

Don’t stick around for additional sound effects – you know you’ve needed that perfect overnight getaway for a while. We pick ten offbeat (so you can expect minimal population) destinations for your weekend out of town this monsoon! It’s time to enjoy those chai and pakodas somewhere other than your windowsill.

Dahanu,. Image Courtesy: FlyFaraway.net
Dahanu,. Image Courtesy: Richa Rungta

Once the richest village in Asia, Dahanu can now be described as a 2-day-preview of Goa when Goa is too far. The last stop on the Western Railway map, Dahanu has some of the cleanest and longest beaches.
A peaceful, seaside town with beaches that stretch endlessly, you can expect low to negligible amounts of noise, air and population pollution. While at Dahanu, prepare to be surrounded by windmills; chikoo, capsicum and coconut farms as you drive down serene, winding roads.
Distance: 141.3 kms 
Getting There: 2 hours 30 minutes by road or train
Grab Your: Best buddies and a six-pack of beer.
Didja Know: Dahanu accounts for 35% of our country’s chikoo production.

Rajmachi, Image Courtesy: MouthShut.com
Rajmachi, Image Courtesy: MouthShut.com

A popular trekking destination, Rajmachi Fort is quite an established name. It has after all, been declared a protected monument. It comprises the twin fortresses – Shrivardhan and Manaranjan. Silvery waterfalls, streams, the greenest of green meadows and an outstanding view – that’s just a brief preview. Rajmachi has a plethora of flora and fauna at their Wildlife Sanctuary, and a dip into ancient architecture at the Kondhavi Caves.
Located just 16 kms from Lonavla, Rajmachi is ideal for anyone who wants a quick breather from their daily lives. For those with a time-constraint, Rajmachi is luckily situated close enough to even warrant a one-day trip!
Distance: 315.8 kms 
Getting There: 6 hours by road – no train
Grab Your: Trekking shoes, close friends and snackables.
Didja Know: Solar panels have quite recently been installed in the village, allowing villagers to use CFL bulbs.

Matheran, Image Courtesy: Mytourntrip.com
Matheran, Image Courtesy: Mytourntrip.com

With a toy train as old as time, Matheran remains as one of the most remote hill stations in India. Area-wise one of the smallest, this ’forest of the forehead’ is the ultimate location for anyone who wants to feel one with nature. And the rains only magnify the beauty of the place. With multiple viewpoints, steep cliffs, deep ravines and picnic spots, Matheran’s red soil, kutcha roads and monkey-spotting opportunites will encourage you to forget the concrete jungle you come from.
Fair warning though: your mode of transport for these two days will be a horseback.
Distance: 83 kms 
Getting There: 2 hours by road, 4 hours by train 
Grab Your: Family, two decks of cards, favourite board games and most comfortable pair of kicks!
Didja Know: Matheran is entirely automobile-free.

Kolad, Image Courtesy: QuestAsia.com
Kolad, Image Courtesy: QuestAsia.com

Adventure – thy name is Kolad. Well at least in Maharastra.
No, we’re not referring to the rafting, rapelling, jungle camping, kayaking and parasailing activities. Kolad offers a lot more than just that! Namely: trek spots, dams, lakes, forts, caves, rivers and gorgeous natural waterfalls. Kolad is your one-stop spot to release all those pent-up endorphins; where you embrace the heck out of nature and it embraces you right back!
Distance: 121.5 kms 
Getting There: 2 hours 20 minutes by road, 3 hours 30 minutes by train
Grab Your: Thrill-seeking friends!
Didja Know: Kolad also offers opportunities for ATV rides, archery, aeromodelling and – need we go on?

Satara, Image Courtesy: Allworldtowns.com
Satara, Image Courtesy: Allworldtowns.com

Located in the vast Sahyadri range, Satara is a beautiful city surrounded by seven hills. It proudly shows off a recognized World Natural Heritage Site – Kaas Plateau. The Valley of Flowers is situated 22 kms away from the main city, and known for its diverse range of wildflowers (more than 850 known species). The best time to visit this UNESCO site is during the monsoons, when the flowers are in full bloom.
South of the plateau lies Kaas Lake, surrounded by dense forests and nestled comfortably between Sajjangad Fort (famously called Fort of Good People) and Kanher Dam. One of the capitals of the Maratha Empire, Satara holds rich heritage and history. Ideal for a weekend that needs to be low on stress and high on enthusiasm.
Distance: 252.8 kms 
Getting There: 4 hours by road, 8 hours by train
Grab Your: Friends, family and don’t forget that DSLR.
Didja Know: Kaas Plateau, in desi terms is known as Kaas Pathar.

Wai, Image Courtesy: Exploreingindia.blogspot.com
Wai, Image Courtesy: Exploreingindia.blogspot.com

Known as the ‘town of temples’, Wai has important cultural and local significance. Lined by the Western ghats on the banks of the Krishna River, each tourist spot in this town has a story to tell. You can check in to one of its many getaway resorts and drown yourself in the green countryside.
A picturesque little settlement, Wai’s proximity to Pune only adds to its appeal. Although if visiting a city isn’t on your wishlist for the weekend, don’t worry! Wai has its own set of delicious bakeries. You don’t have to be religious to visit here; Wai has an old world charm that will bring out the side of you that you haven’t met in a while.
Distance: 228.4 kms 
Getting There: 4 hours by road – no trains!
Grab Your: Favourite book, and company that enjoys the beauty of nature.
Didja Know: Wai is quite the hotspot for Bollywood films; Omkara, Dabangg, Swades, Singham, Chennai Express and more were shot here!

Igatpuri, Image Courtesy: Ixigo.com
Igatpuri, Image Courtesy: Ixigo.com

Most famous for the Vipassana International Academy, Igatpuri is a heavenly abode for hikers, trekkers and Bollywood movie directors alike. It is surrounded by the highest peaks in the Sahyadri, comprises breathtaking river valleys, lakes, forts and meditation centres.
It houses a notable amount of resorts – all of which make monsoons while in your comfy big bed indoors seem like the best weather imaginable. The best part? The rains are light enough to encourage you to venture out! Trek down Karoli Ghat all the way to the stunning Dhamma Nasika during the day, gaze at the stars all night and if you’re lucky enough, you may even spot a few shooting stars!
Distance: 120.3 kms by road 
Getting There: 2 hours by road, 3 hours by train
Grab Your: Cousins, relatives and even neighbours – everyone’s going to love it!
Didja Know: The Vipassana literally means ‘to see things as they are’ – exactly what the meditation technique is supposed to help one do.

Savarkut, Image Courtesy:   NashikNews
Savarkut, Image Courtesy: NashikNews

Does a chance to go cliff-jumping, valley-crossing, kayaking, tubing, rafting and rappelling spell your fantasy? Or maybe you’re the kind who would like to experience a real 18thcentury-style village. Either way, you will enthrall the 11 kms river run – whether strapped with a life jacket and helmet holding on for dear life in the midst of crazy rapids, or walking parallel with village children laughing alongside a stray tyre tube.
Distance: 120 kms
Getting There: 2 hours by road
Grab Your: Most adventurous set of friends, and extra clothes!
Didja Know: A tricky rapid is commonly called ‘Double Minded’ – because it doesn’t know whether it wants to be calm or rough!

Murud, Image Courtesy: Travology.in
Murud, Image Courtesy: Travology.in

Welcome to your dream life. Slow mornings, relaxed afternoons, fresh seafood and the mindblowing Murud-Janjira Fort. The port city of Murud comprises a calm settlement, quite symbolically reflected in their main occupation – fishing.
Explore Gothic & Mughal architecture styles at Nawab Palace, relish the beauty of Garambi Falls, or simply kickback and chill by Murud beach with the smiling locals. If exploration is your thing, the stupendous Murud-Janjira is one of the strongest marine first in India, housing a brooding history.
Distance: 153 kms 
Getting There: 3 hours by road
Grab Your: Binoculars, beers and bros. 

Daman, Image Courtesy: FlyFaraway.net
Daman, Image Courtesy: FlyFaraway.net

Daman escaped the Alcohol Prohibition Law narrowly – being lucky enough to be a Union Territory. A popular weekend hotspot – possibly the most populous of all we have listed here, Daman is most famous for its casinos. It is home to India’s largest and most luxurious casino –The Deltin Royale.
Daman also offers majestic forts, beaches, striking churches from the Portugese era and a clean water-park. This port town has a wide variety of seafood, culture and mostly, people!
Distance: 170.5 kms
Getting There: 3 hours by road or train
Grab Your: Wallet!

Didja Know: Daman offers the cheapest alcohol – because it’s tax-free!

Know of other awesome weekend getaways that we should know of too? Comment below, share your photos or write to us at story@mumbaimag.com.

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Born when Mumbai was still Bombay, Richa isn't as old as she may sound. She is a freelance writer, professional matchmaker and an accomplished Cards Against Humanity player. She considers herself an environmentalist and accepts compliments when they come written on cake.


Richa Rungta

Richa Rungta
Born when Mumbai was still Bombay, Richa isn't as old as she may sound. She is a freelance writer, professional matchmaker and an accomplished Cards Against Humanity player. She considers herself an environmentalist and accepts compliments when they come written on cake.
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