#OMGLOLWTF: Eight Moar Things That Will Make You Happy In Mumbai!


Continued from here, because you can never have enough things to make you happy in Mumbai! 9. You manage to sweet-talk a traffic cop into letting you go after you ran a red light at a signal (no parchi, no chai-paani)
(Mackle)More Swag
(Mackle)More Swag, Image Courtesy - Tumblr.com
10. You make it just in time for the ‘50% after 8.pm’ off at Candies or Andora’s.
Nekked Yays
Nekked Yays, Image Courtesy - Tumblr.com
11. You're the first customer to arrive at the Vodafone store in the morning. No token number 374561, baby!
Lalala! Image Courtesy - Tumblr.com
12. Everything is flooded because of a torrential downpour and you don’t have to go into work/school/college.
Jimmy & Elmo Dance
Jimmy & Elmo Dance, Image Courtesy - Tumblr.com
13. Worli seaface does not smell like poop today. 
Colbert celebrates
Colbert celebrates, Image Courtesy - Gifsoup.com
14. Mumbai Indians win the IPL.
Dance-kick, Image Courtesy - Tumblr.com
15. You score the last vada pav before the guy outside NM College shuts shop to go home. 
Whee! Image Courtesy - Tumblr.com
16. You score. Aw Yeah!
Aw Yeah! Image Courtesy - Tumblr.com
Got more reasons to be happy in Mumbai? Tell us yours in comments below. Stay happy, Mumbai!

Amanda Ferrao

Amanda Ferrao
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