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Goonjan Mall, Online Prasad

“Oh, you are visiting Vaishno Devi? Can you please offer ‘prasad’ on our behalf too? May God bless you.”
How many times have you made this request or offered to do the same for someone else? No more waiting for someone to make the travel, so that you can offer your faith to the Gods! Much like you, Goonjan Mall grew tired of waiting in lines at temples and decided it was enough. And that’s when Online Prasad happened.

Goonjan Mall, Online Prasad
Goonjan Mall, Online Prasad

Online Prasad is an online site offering prasad from various temples, such as Jagannath Puri, Mata Vaishno Devi, Shirdi Sai Temple and Sri Venkateshwara temple, at prices starting from Rs 501. All you need to do is get online, and at the click of a button have Prasad offered to the Gods on your behalf and delivered to your doorstep. High tech divinity! We spoke to Goonjan to know more.

What is Online Prasad?
Online Prasad is about the divine connection between people and the temple of their faith. We at Online Prasad believe that Aastha (faith) is the key to Moksha (liberation/ salvation) and it is our attempt to help people attain their liberation through aastha. Online Prasad offers Prasad to their chosen deity and then it sent to the the person’s home. Like the say, ‘Prasadam is Prabhu Sakshat Darsham’, we believe that we help deliver God’s mercy to the people and spread blessings.

Online Prasad
Online Prasad

When and how did you start out with this concept of ‘online prasad’?
It was Navratra, and I was back home at my native village Deshnoke, standing in a queue to enter the temple. Probably, the first time my ‘jugaad’ seemed to fail. I don’t remember waiting for more than 30 minutes to enter any temple. In the queue, I was bored and unhappy. And suddenly, the aha! moment, when it struck me how I can rescue all these people standing in queue! Came home. Discussed this with my dad. He was excited. And, so it began. Online Prasad officially started on 1st January 2012, when we made our first offering at the Rani Sati Dadi temple, Jhunjhunu and home delivered it to our first few customers. It took us about 2-3 months of brainstorming before we finally decided to start.

What is the one major challenge you have overcome since you started out?
Making people believe about the authenticity of the ‘prasadam’. We definitely offer the ‘prasad’ to the diety and then deliver it to their homes. And to make them see this, we have tried to make the process transparent by placing the photos of our offerings at Karni Mata temple, Rani Sati Dadi temple and Khatu Shyam temple on our Facebook page. And sending the courier directly from near the temple after offering it to the Gods, so our customers have the tracking code and can check the dispatch location and reassured.

How have customers received your service?
People love receiving blessings; add to that the fact that these are hand delivered to their doorsteps. Most of them come back to us for offering ‘prasad’ multiple times across all temples. We have a large number of fans following our Facebook page and it is Facebook and word-of-mouth that have worked the best for us. 

What keeps you inspired and motivated every day?
It is a sense of commitment and customer satisfaction (that the customer attains after receiving his/her Prasad) that keeps me inspired and motivated every day. Also, reading the positive feedback that we get, that feeling is fantastic!

How do you define success?
Each happy devotee is a success for me.

What is the one mistake that you made as an entrepreneur?
Making mistakes is a part of the game.

What has been your proudest moment as an entrepreneur?
That one is yet to come. But IPO, maybe?

If you could give one piece of advice to would-be entrepreneurs, what would it be?
My secret sauce of starting up – is START now! As simple as that. Get out of the building. Talk to people. Start work – NOW! It’s like walking in a dark jungle – with a torch. Once you have taken the first step, the path ahead will be automatically illuminated.

You can get in touch with Online Prasad on their Facebook Page, through Twitter or their website.
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Guest Blogger, Tanya Rao

Guest Blogger, Tanya Rao
Tanya Rao works at and is passionate about new businesses and online shopping. Here she shares stories of some interesting people and businesses she encounters.