#MumbaiList: As Mumbai Warms Up, Beat The Heat, Bambaiyya Style!



While we love the winters and coiling up in our blankets at night, here’s one reason of the many reasons to look forward to this summer! With Mumbai heating up slowly, we’re soon going to be needing to hydrate ourselves. Its time we remind you of some of the original Bambaiyya drinks. So, have a quick look on how you can quench your thirst in true Mumbai style because old school is back and with a lot of swag!  Get set to welcome summer in a way that’s economic, classic and oh so refreshing!

Cutting Chai

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This by all means had to make it to the top in my list. Wondering what’s the big deal about preparing some good ol’ chai? A little water, tea powder of your favourite tea brand, some milk with sugar and you’re good to go! But that’s exactly why its called chai and not cutting chai. So, if you’re craving for a cutting chai right now, rush to your nearest chai ka tapri, order a cutting chai, watch the vendor pour it in your glass, take a slow sip and make sure that everyone around can not only watch you, but also hear you sip. This one’s a drink for every occasion, for every person and for every mood.


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Filter Kaapi
Filter Kaapi
is a favourite with all the coffee lovers. You may like your Lattes, Frappes and Irish Coffees, but when this Southern version of coffee makes an entrance, you better bow down! In fact, what’s more enjoyable than drinking some filter coffee is actually pronouncing it as Filter Kaapi and watching the server, pour it in and out of two glasses, simply to cool it down. Wondering where you can find it? Step out of expensive cafes and look for the nearest Udupi restaurant you can find! Even better, get a cup or two from one of the traditional and old cafes in Matunga and you simply won’t regret!

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Goti Soda
As corny as the name sounds, Goti Soda is exactly what you need when you’re looking for a fizzy drink. If you like lemonade, you’ll love the Goti Soda which comes in quite a few flavours while the lemon and salty masala remain constant. Goti Soda may have lost a little of its charm in Mumbai but you can still find it near the beach, highways and if you’re lucky, somewhere very close to where you are right now!
P.S Still wondering the reason behind it being called Goti Soda? It’s because of the way the bottle is opened by pushing down the marble that seals it.

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Nariyal Paani
Everyone, from your favourite actors in movies, couples at various promenades, somebody from your family who’s watching their health or simply someone craving for Nariyal Pani, loves it. This one’s a no brainer. Just visit the coconut water vendor, ask him for a Nariyal Pani, and insert the straw in the coconut from the hole he has tactfully created for you. Coconut water is the easiest drink to find, to consume and of course relish. Also, if you’re lucky, the vendor may give you a coconut which has a good amount of coconut meat towards the end.

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Ganne Ka Juice
Still found very popularly everywhere, the most famously known being the one outside St. Xavier’s college, a tall glass of sugarcane juice is exactly what one needs on a hot and sweaty day. This sweet tasting drink is so irresistible, especially on such hot days that you might just gulp it before you’ve even looked at it carefully; hence this one needs no straws! Also, when you’ve ordered a glass of one, make sure that you make the vendor sprinkle some extra and generous amount of Masala over your drink. It’s undoubtedly a fascinating sight to see the vendor juice the huge stack of sugarcanes.

So, take a break from the usual round of drinks and get a taste of Mumbai and if you think that we’ve missed out on a drink, close to yours and Mumbai’s heart, do write to us!

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Aspiring writer and student. I bite off more than I can chew, literally. Also, a sporadic dancer. Willing to beg, borrow and steal for chocolates.


Shikha Chawla

Shikha Chawla
Aspiring writer and student. I bite off more than I can chew, literally. Also, a sporadic dancer. Willing to beg, borrow and steal for chocolates.
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