Readers Write: How Ivory Tower Residents From Wadala Raised Funds For Kashmir Flood Victims



While Kashmir grapples with the aftermath of the flood and politicians are busy passing the blame, citizens both local Kashmiris and from around the country, and the world, have joined hands to help those facing the mammoth disaster. This is one such story sent to us via email by Aleesha Gupta. We decided to share this story because it is a simple reminder that each one of us, no matter where we are, can make a positive difference. Aleesha wrote…

“A Week to remember! This is the story of how Ivory towers, Bhakti park Wadala, residents worked together to do their bit for flood struck fellow countrymen.

Little did we know on 8th of September that a news running day and night nowadays on news channels will move one of our resident – Mamta Hanspal, so much that we could feel the pain when she wrote these lines on our Ivory towers WhatsApp group – ‘so much pain, so much cry and hue. So much water every where but not a drop to drink! Can we not so something for Jammu and Kashmir flood stuck people?’
As soon as she wrote this group members started pouring their suggestions and planning went on till late at night.

Next day was the day for executing the plan- Some one made notices to be put up on notice boards of all the buildings in our society. People volunteered to give their flat numbers as collection points, Cause we have 675 flats in our society and approx 1500 people staying. Collection started pouring in and we started arranging for dispatch of the collection.

On 10th of September we found Indigo’s tweet regarding how they are working in delivering the flood relief collection daily via their cargo flight. We tweeted to them for some urgent help and they responded very quickly and guided us.

On 12th of September we called movers and packers who were kind enough to give us good discount for packing 573Kgs of immediately required collection like ready to eat food, clothes, medicines, blankets, tents etc ,in 33 cartons and helped in transporting it to Indigo cargo office at Andheri. Group of youngsters Ravi Mishra, Himanshu Lamba and Dinesh Iyer went to the cargo office with the collection to complete all the formalities.

13th September at 11 a.m. our cargo left from Mumbai to Srinagar. As Indigo instructed us to ask some one known who can receive our relief collection, Mr. Raunaq (Resident of Ivory towers,Who works with HDFC) talked to his friends in HDFC Srinagar to receive it. Cargo was received the very same day and our blessings with the flood relief collection was handed over to relief camp.

Our task was yet not done ..
We had approx 600 KGS of grains and cereals. Which we handed over to Goonj (NGO) on 13th September. Also we managed to collect Rs 20000 in cash donations by residents with which we bought infant food and medicines. This parcel was again taken care of by Indigo.

Phewww.. Yes all that in a WEEK! It was wonderful to see how residents of Ivory Towers came together to work and put all the effort to execute this noble deed. We hope for the best for all the people who are struck by this nature’s fury and also assure to always remember you in our prayers!

Aleesha Gupta”

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