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New pubs, bars and restaurants can come and go, but there are always these few favourite hangouts that become sort-of- synonymous with a city’s culture. So here are ten such pubs and bars which we think have stood the test of time and are here to stay as Mumbai’s go to places. Of course, we are sure you will have your own favourite dens, share them with us.

Cafe Mondegar

Cafe Mondegar, Colaba
Known for its long waiting lists illustrated walls; this place is the star of Colaba Causeway. An ideal place for college students to catch up with friends, girls after shopping at the causeway bazaar, tourists after an exhaustive round of sightseeing and for working people to simply wade bump off stress. Other than its exotic collection of wine and beer, this place is mostly known for its breakfast menu; however, for people on a budget, the menu may seem slightly overpriced. In addition, what’s more interesting is the Jukebox tucked away in the corner of the hall that lets you play your choice of music for everyone in the house.

Average Meal for Two: Rs 1400
Average Pint of Beer: Rs 160


Quench, Bandra Reclamation
With a small bar counter and about seven tables, this restaurant and bar resembles and feels nothing short of a shack in Goa. Situated in a lane opposite Lilavati Hospital, Quench is best known for serving different kinds of beer and wine with complimentary rock music playing out loud that probably seems even louder than the chatter of drunken people! With some luck, there’s sometimes cricket match showing on the TV that, most often than not, makes people guzzle beer in victory. What’s even wonderful is the continental food that the place serves. The people who work here are almost always seen with beatific smiles and in T-shirts that say, “We love serving beer”, well, we say bring it on!

Average Meal for Two: Rs 800
Average Pint of Beer: Rs 150

Toto’s Garage

Toto’s Garage, Bandra
As the name suggests, this place looks like a remodelled garage where workers, after days of frustration due to failure, started reassuringly serving alcohol to its customers as a side business. Toto’s is one place where the alcohol is cheap and the food, delicious; the crowd is benign and the service, laudable; the room is a tad claustrophobic but the vibe, delectable. This place indubitably supersedes the initial expectation you, as a first timer may have, given the comical name as the food here is inarguably sapid and the jugs of alcohol overflowing with the tantalizing potion. If you’re looking for something to blame for the extended orders of alcohol and food then it’s time to confess the good old rock music blasting from the speakers is the victim.

Average Meal for Two: Rs 1600
Average Pint of Beer: Rs 160

Gokul Restaurant and Bar

Gokul, Colaba
If you’re planning to visit this restaurant with your mom and dad, you might want to think again for this place is more of a college students’ hangout where boys and girls cluster around tables for hours chatting and drinking. With really affordable alcohol, food and lively ambience, Gokul boastingly takes away the trophy for being an all rounder.  The food here is exceptionally good with additional points given to their fish fry and chicken chilly. If you’re really more of a drinker and a light eater, then the best suited option is to order  the legendary Gokul roll which is prepared a small open room right next to the bar entrance. The location of the place is surely a winner with Bademiya and Moshe’s just right around the corner. If you’re looking forward to spend time with your friends, drinking and chatting whilst watching a cricket match on an adequately sized TV screen, then this place should be your first option.

Average Meal for Two: Rs 700
Average Pint of Beer: Rs 75


Bonobo, Bandra
This place unmistakably boasts of having India’s first ever interactive bar, and what proves that correct is the huge space spread across 2800 sq ft with an outdoor seating that allows a route of ingress to an indoor bistro. Upon entering the place you can easily elude yourself from the frantic life of Mumbai and enter the world of lull and ease. The food may seem slightly above the affordable mark but the live music and the rooftop experience helps Bonobo bag the trophy of an absolute winner. Apart from all that, Bonobo is known for serving the most delish cocktails in all of Bombay. Walk in with a couple of friends for a breath of fresh air and it’s a promise you won’t be disappointed.

Average Meal for Two: Rs 1800
Average Pint of Beer: Rs 160

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe, Worli
This is where you can openly head bang, sing along and sometimes even burst into your awkward dance moves without the slightest bit of shame. Most indie artists from across the country are invited here to either pay tributes to famous musicians or play some original tunes to rock the audience. Food and drinks are undoubtedly overpriced but the experience and vibe this place lets loose makes up for it. The bar counter is lavish and serves some of the best alcohol known, and the food is exceptionally classy. No man should miss the Tupelo Chicken, Buffalo wings and our personal favourite – long island iced tea.  The only regret a customer is likely to have is paying the fat bill but other than that, Hard Rock Cafe is easily one of the most loved places in Bombay.

Average Meal for Two: Rs 1800
Average Pint of Beer: Rs 180

Janta Lunch Home Restaurant and Bar

Janta Lunch Home Restaurant & Bar, Bandra Pali Naka
Located at the busiest street in Bandra and despite the dreary exterior, this place is often visited by well known faces. This affable bar is known for its affordable alcohol and our personal favourite – Butter Chicken and Butter naan. The AC section upstairs is usually where the happening crowed is found, guzzling their rum-and-coke whilst savouring the fish fry and chicken chilly dry. On most occasions people hoot and whistle in unison to celebrate victory of the Indian team playing on the TV screen in the AC room. The chatter is usually the only disturbing factor, but when there’s affordable alcohol, cricket and bunch of close friends by the table, who has any interest in making serious talks anyway?!

Average Meal for Two: Rs 600
Average Pint of Beer: Rs 100

Pop Tate’s

Pop Tate’s, Malad
Between 2:47 and 7:27 in the evening this place is brimming with people and you may notice satisfying amount of alcohol sitting still on each table. It is happy hours time and everything you order is complimented with the same drink so in the given time. The latest pop music buzzing into the air makes this place cheery and welcoming. Moreover, the exceptionally noticeable brick work in the interiors adds to the cheerful vibe that makes you feel cosy and warm. Pop Tate’s serves delicious continental food, although sometimes the quantity of certain dishes may seem doubtful. The sizzlers here are a must try and compliment your alcohol intake perfectly.

Average Meal for two: Rs 900
Average Pint of Beer: Rs 150

The Irish House

The Irish House, Lower Parel
With a mix of bar counters and comfortable couches, The Irish House is undoubtedly a luxurious hangout. The happy hours cut down on the otherwise fat bill and also serve Hoegaarden, the famous Belgium beer, on tap, which according to us is the cherry on the cake! Apart from the loud chatter that may disturb serious conversations, towards the evening the merry staff plays good old rock music to cheer the mood. The place possesses a wide screen that doesn’t miss a single cricket match and as far the food is concerned, there’s no way you should miss fish and chips because they tickle your taste buds and make you demand for more. In conclusion, it is a great place to catch up with colleagues after work but can prove seemingly loud, overpriced and a tad annoying if you’re on a date with close friends.

Average Meal for Two: Rs 1600
Average Pint of Beer: Rs 180


Jughead’s, Powai
If you just happen to be in Powai and are looking for an affordable yet classy place to have drinks and food then Jugheads is where your search should end. Unlike most restaurants, this place is spacious and invites large groups of people to spend quality time with each other whilst listening to some famous tunes on the speakers. The staff is known for sporting blithe smiles and providing a prompt service. If you’re a first timer, we recommend the delicious honey glazed chicken, garlic pepper chicken and barbeque sizzlers. For vegans, sizzlers and pizzas are a safe bet. Happy hours bring happy smiles to almost every customer, encouraging them to spend more time at this bright and cheerful place.

Average Meal for Two: Rs 1300
Average Pint of Beer: Rs 180

Tell us your favorite watering holes!

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Loves to write about fashion. Besides all the serious stuff, she loves admiring cantankerous women talk in local trains, making mix tapes for friends and clicking photos of her gorgeous cats in free time.


Saloni Dahake

Saloni Dahake
Loves to write about fashion. Besides all the serious stuff, she loves admiring cantankerous women talk in local trains, making mix tapes for friends and clicking photos of her gorgeous cats in free time.