Serafina: Selling Good Times And Happiness


Pizza at Serafina

Mumbai’s love affair with Italian cuisine continues. And now Serafina’s here to give us more of what we love. This well established international brand has been pleasing patrons since way back in 1995. With so many years in the business, we can be sure they have a lot to offer.

Serafina has 10 stand alone restaurants in New York City alone and one in Philadelphia. After their success in the United States, they decided to venture to other parts of the world. This lead to restaurants in Sao Paolo and Itaim (Brazil), Moscow (Russia) and Tokyo (Japan). Their property at Palladium in Lower Parel will be the second in Asia. The brand has come such a long way; it’s hard to believe it all began with a simple pact made by two friends.

Owners Vittorio Assaf and Fabio Granato

As the story goes, two friends (and now co-owners) Vittorio Assaf and Fabio Granato were lost at sea. During their ordeal they made a pact, that if they survive they would open a restaurant that serves the best pasta and pizza in the world. We hear so much about how Italians love to eat. This pair of friends certainly proved right all those stereotypes. Even while stranded at sea, they were thinking of food. Serafina is the result of this pact. Ever since, as Fabio says they have been “selling good times and happiness”

Serafina serves Northern Italian cuisine, in an atmosphere that blends fine dining and casual dining. The menu in Mumbai will have some of Serafina’s tried and tested signature dishes like Pizza Tartufo Nero, Tris of Sofia, Risotto “Veuve Clicquot”, Ravioli “Degli Innamorati”, Rigatoni Alla Bolognese and Grilled Fillet Mignon. Pizzas are made using 00 Italian Flour, Sea Salt from Sicily and produced in ovens hand built with lava stone from Mount Vesuvius fueled with burning cherry-wood. That’s as authentic as it gets. Besides they also have a large selection of desserts and wines to make your meal even more decadent.

One of the walls at Serafina Mumbai

The decor is simple and classic, but far from boring. What’s particularly special is that the walls at every branch of Serafina are adorned with custom made paintings. These unique fresco paintings are created by Italian artist Michela Martelo. Her paintings draw inspiration from the city in which the restaurant in located. I wonder how she interprets Mumbai?

For several months now, Serafina Mumbai has been waiting behind the curtains. The final touches have all been made ; it’s now time for the big reveal. The restaurant opens today. It will soon be time for Mumbai to find out if Vittorio and Fabio have lived their dream of making the best pizza and pasta in the world.



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