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Rasi Zodiac Spa & Salon
Rasi Zodiac Spa & Salon
Rasi Zodiac Spa & Salon Entrance

I chanced upon an article in Bombay Times today about a novel concept based spa in the city. Having met a Naadi Shastra expert astrologer a few days ago along with Ekta and Khushboo ( that’s another story which I will probably write soon ), I was eager to discover the story behind this new astrology related venture. Here is what I discovered after a chat with the founder of the spa…

Launched by filmmaker Kamaal Amrohi’s granddaughter and spa junkie Tabeer Amrohi in 2011, the Rasi Zodiac Spa & Salon mixes astrology and therapy to create special treatments for the mind and body. “While there are a lot of great spas in the city, most offer the usual fare, nothing that is unique or stands out. Being a student of astrology and a spa lover, I always wondered how astrology could be used to enhance the effectiveness of spa treatments. And that’s how the idea for Rasi was born!” says Tabeer.

Tabeer Amrohi, Rasi Zodiac Spa
Tabeer Amrohi

Considering that the idea was not the usual run of the mill, there was a lot of ground work to be done. Tabeer, who is the Director of her spa, spent weeks discussing the different traits of zodiac signs with astrologers. She adds, “Astrology teaches us that based on our zodiac signs, we all tend to have various weaknesses of the mind and the body. For example, Cancerians have weak stomachs and Arians have head related problems. Hence, different people react differently to treatments based on their zodiac signs.”

Tabeer and her team invested time and energy in determining the details of zodiac signs and then devised their treatments. The treatments and aroma therapy oils used vary from sign to sign and they vary for men and women even for the same sun sign.

What was one of the biggest challenges you faced when launching the Rasi Zodiac Spa?
Tabeer: The biggest challenge was the risk of introducing a new concept in spa treatments and getting people to try it and accept it. A lot of people told me it’s interesting but were not sure of how it would evolve as a business, but I went with my gut. Another ongoing challenge I face is training the staff to understand our unique treatments since it is not something that they may have practiced anywhere before.

What according to you was the best advice you received when starting out?
Tabeer: While a lot of people told me that location is the key, a friend mentioned that for a spa to become popular, the quality of service and hygiene are very important. I’m happy to say that today, customers love us for our friendly staff and cleanliness.

Rasi Zodiac Spa & Salon
Rasi Zodiac Spa & Salon

Summer’s here, what would be ideal to try out in this weather?
Tabeer: Summer brings with it major problems like sticky dull hair, hair fall, dandruff and even itchy scalp. The Rasi Hair Tonic (which is not based on zodiac signs) is a great hair growth booster and helps overcome all summer related hair troubles, and anyone can try it.

How do you see Rasi evolving in the near future?
Tabeer: Currently the Zodiac treatments start at Rs 5000 but very soon we plan to offer treatments starting as low as Rs 2500 so more people can enjoy them. Also I hope to open a second branch in Mumbai and a few branches in Goa and Hyderabad.

The spa located in Andheri, is open 365 days a year from 10:15 am to 10:15 pm. Besides the Zodiac treatments, you can also pamper yourself with  regular foot and body massages, body polishing wraps and body sculpting treatments at the spa. If you try the Rasi Zodiac Spa and Salon, do tell us about the experience !

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