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For children, summer time is all about having fun and doing things they wouldn’t usually be able to during the academic year. Parents rush to enrol their children for various summer activities to help them explore their creative sides and unleash talents than get hidden behind the tedious school curriculum. Acting, dance, sports and art workshops are among the most popular among kids. But what if your child isn’t interesting in the arts? Not all kids like to spend time learning choreographies, being on stage, painting sceneries or playing team sports. Some are more interested in intellectual pursuits. Here are three fun activities that your little thinkers might enjoy!

Learn to fly, image courtesy Helpster
Learn to fly, image courtesy Helpster

Aeromodelling with Art Shaala
Children are absolutely fascinated by aeroplanes; they can’t help but look up in wonder every time they see one pass. Most of us have memories of throwing roughly made paper planes out the window at passing cars or at our friends in school. Keeping this in mind Art Shaala has planned aeromodelling workshops over the summer, where they will introduce kids to the basics of electronics and aeronautics, in an enjoyable and playful environment. In these hands on classes children actually create their own model airplanes using easily available craft materials. The process improves hand eye co-ordination, and enables them to use basic aeromodelling tools. Kids that take a liking to it can begin creating their own model airplanes by themselves.
Age group
: 7 – 14 years
Dates: Batch 1 – 17th & 18th May, Batch 2 – 31st May & 1st June
Location: Mulund West / Dadar
Contact: 9833313108 / 7666313108

Busy builders, image courtesy iRobokid
Busy builders, image courtesy iRobokid

Learn the basics of Robotics with iRobokid
Ever wondered what kids love about the Transformers and Terminator? The robots of course! Robotics is a fascinating subject which brings together electronics, mechanics, software and engineering. Which may sounds like very advanced areas of study, but have applications which all of us use and depend on every day. iRobokid is an organization that introduces children to these complex areas of science from a very young age, in an interesting and engaging manner. The organization will conduct several workshops across different parts of the city. They have more basic iEngineer workshops for children between 7 to 9 years of age. And slightly more advanced iProto workshops for children between 9 and 14. It’s a great way to get your kids to embrace technology creatively, instead of being intimidated by it.
Age group: 7 years to 14 years
Dates & Venue: Several different workshops spread out over May and June. Over 10 different centres across Mumbai. Check out their website for more.
Contact: 25115533 / 25155533/ 9930056255 / 9769799737

Little Detective, image courtesy CSI Forensic Workshops for Kids
Little Detective, image courtesy CSI Forensic Workshops for Kids

Forensic Workshops for Little Detectives
It’s not just us adults who enjoy a good mystery, kids do too! Most popular children’s novels, like Famous Five, Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series all romanticize adventure and crime. However, crime solving in the real world isn’t child’s play. It requires keen observation, quick reasoning, logical deductions and so many other skills, which are what your child can learn with CSI: Fun with Forensics. This organization conducts workshops where they introduce children to what exactly crime scene investigators do. This is usually followed by a mock crime investigation, where kids use the tools they have learnt.
Age group: 6 to 13 year olds
Contact: +91-9819288253
Dates & Venue: If you have a group of children, this organization will plan a workshop for at a mutually convenient time and location. Check out their website and Facebook page for more

Learning about the world, image courtesy Blooming Buds
Learning about the world, image courtesy Blooming Buds

Around the World in 11 Days with Blooming Buds
This workshop promises to take children on a whirlwind tour of the whole wide world in a span of just 11 days. Your child won’t need a passport or visas, but certainly will need a wild imagination. Children will learn about different parts of the world through craft, painting, hand puppets, stories, games, cooking, continent collages, excursions and much more. This workshop promises to be a whole lot of fun and a great learning experience for young inquisitive minds. It will fill them with new ideas about the world we live in, prepare them to be global citizens and inspire them to travel when they are old enough to!
Dates: May 12th to May 23rd, 10.00 am- 12.30 pm
Venue: Dev Chaya, Haji Ali
Contact: Kavisha – 9819457137, Dolly- 9819585158

Francais en été!
When it comes to learning a new language, tiny tots have a huge advantage. A language they pick up will stay with them forever. With this summer camp your child will be introduced to the basics of French in a quick two week workshop. Lessons will be more conversational and game-based than academic. Of course, follow ups and future lessons will be required to achieve fluency, but this workshop will give kids a great start. This workshop is designed for younger children, between the ages of 4 and 7.
Dates: 12th May to 23rd May (5:30 – 6:30 p.m.)
Fees: Rs.4000
Contact: Aparna 9821044533 / Kinnari 9820334521

From Chess and Yoga to Spanish and Chemistry
Bright Sparks is a center for creative learning started by Robinage, India’s leading newspaper for children. They encourage children to follow their passion across various streams, be it science arts or culture. In keeping with their motto, they have organised numerous summer workshops and camps for children across ages. You can know more about these on their website here.

Stories from the city
All through May, every Friday Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum is holding story telling workshops for children where they will learn all about Mumbai through maps and puppetry. You can learn more about these workshops here.

History made fun!
The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj vastu Sangrahalay is helping children fall in love with history with fun workshops for children all through May till June. From mythical animals to Panchatantra puppets, Solar lanterns and Animals under threat, these aim to educate and entertain kids at the same time. Know all about the Summer Safari for kids here.

Make sure your child makes the most of this summer, but has enough time for unstructured play time and relaxation as well. If you know of any other such workshops for children and teens do let us know. This is a live list and we will keep updating it with information. Happy holidays!

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