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Goodies by Sweetish House Mafia
Sweetish house mafia car
Sweetish house mafia’s white Nano

How many times have you seen the show on Fox Traveller about food trucks selling the most exciting looking food so much so that it makes you drool looking at your television screens. Delicious cupcakes, cream filled pies, crisp waffles and even mini doughnuts are being sold from a food truck! Recently Mumbai did see launch of a restaurant in a bus which is exciting but still not a food truck right?

Sweetish House Mafia is not a food truck per say but now we a have a cute little white Nano selling sweet sinful cookies and desserts on the bustling streets of Mumbai. Loaded with sweet treats sets shop at different public locations in Mumbai to give you that sweet something while rushing. Ms Sweetish who wants to remain secret, updates the location and timings of the pit stop and also the menu of the day via social media. Her first pit stop was Horniman Circle followed by Worli seaface and the most recent one was at Carter Road. The Bandra crowd was blessed with Nutella stuffed chocolate chip cookies with a dash of sea salt; gosh it seems like that there is never enough chocolate!

We spoke to Ms.Sweetish, Investment Banker and a Baker, who would like to remain invisible, to tell us about her bakery in a car.

When did you launch “Sweetish House Mafia” (SHM), how did you come up with the concept of ‘bakery in a car’ and how did you pick that brand name?
Sweetish House Mafia is very new.  The fact that it already has a fan following is really amazing. I like baking, and I like to bake for myself. I don’t like to work under pressure or be answerable to anyone, which is why I was always clear in my mind that I would not open a shop or take orders. A car is just the perfect way to sell my treats across the city without being bogged down to one place. I can hit all popular locations and get the word out there faster. Honestly, the name just happened. I like the band but I can’t say that I was trying to match it up.

Butter Nutella Cookies
Butter Nutella Cookies

How did you get into baking? Do you have any formal training?
My mother likes cooking/baking so from a very young age I used to watch her make desserts for the dinner parties at home. She always involved me because she knew of my love for anything sweet. I remember we went from making brownies, to apple pie, to cheesecake, and then I just started making stuff on my own without her help. She was more than happy about that! So no formal training at all. I bake because I like to.

What is the best and worst advice you received when starting out?
My husband and friends understand SHM and they said “Just go for it. What’s the worst that can happen? You won’t do well. Which is not going to happen since your goods are much better than a majority of the stuff out there.” They said it was my calling. So I went ahead and took the plunge.

So far you have had pit stops at Horniman Circle and Carter Road. Why only these locations? And how has been the response?
Horniman was a trial run so the response was lukewarm. I had random people buy some stuff but not to the level of Carter Road. I sold out within 20 minutes of reaching Carter Road, which was my first ‘official’ run. There were people waiting there from before and there were people waiting there even after everything was gone. I fell short! It’s the power of social media.  This is just the beginning though. I will be making stops at different locations in the city on different days. Nothing fixed at all.

What has been your biggest challenge till now?
Getting the word out. Sweetish House Mafia cannot work if people don’t know about it. It’s all word of mouth. The only way people will show
up is if they know what to expect and where to expect it.

What is your biggest asset?
I bake well, plain and simple.

Nutella filled choco chip cookies with sea salt
Nutella filled choco chip cookies with sea salt

In a city which has serious traffic and road problems, have you faced any issues during your pit stops?
None so far, touch wood. That’s why I make sure that I can find little by-lanes or corners where the car can stop without causing any more jams.

Tell us a little about SHM’s goodies?
I love chocolate so most of my goodies are chocolate based, I use Belgian chocolate, the best chocolate out there. The flavour it gives is just at a different level altogether.. but I know people who aren’t such chocolate fans so make sure I have yum stuff for them too.

Resources no bar, if there is one thing you could enhance about your business what would it be?
I would want a food truck where I could bake and sell the goods immediately.

What more does SHM have in store for the hungry Mumbaikars in the near future?
Right now I’m just focusing on more sweet treats such as chocolate chip pound cake, red velvet cupcakes, smores cookies, Nutella ‘Inner Circle’ biscuits (named after the group that pushed me to make all this a possibility). Let’s see where this takes me. One step at a time is what I’m working on right now.

Check out Sweetish House Mafia’s Facebook and Twitter pages for updates regarding location and time of their next pit stop.

Post By Richa Lulla (20 Posts)

An engineer. A food blogger. Believes that food can make everyone happy. Always excited about food trails and loves exploring tiny hidden food treasures. And when she's not eating you'll find her reading recipes,talking about food, baking and blogging.


Richa Lulla

Richa Lulla
An engineer. A food blogger. Believes that food can make everyone happy. Always excited about food trails and loves exploring tiny hidden food treasures. And when she's not eating you'll find her reading recipes,talking about food, baking and blogging.