B Bhagat Tarachand


#MumbaiList: Concocting A Regional Storm In A Thali

Mumbai is a melting pot of cultures and the variety of food one can find here bears testimony to that. The city offers authentic tastes of various regions through delectable ‘Thalis’ which bring together wholesome flavors of a region on one single plate. Be it the famous Gujarati thali, spicy Konkani thali, tasty Maharashtrian thali...


Salmon Tikka, Punjab Grill

#MumbaiList: North Indian Restaurants In Mumbai You Must Try

If there is one thing that you can find anywhere in this country, it’s North Indian food. From tandoori chicken to aloo paranthas, there is something simply lovable about this cuisine that makes it everyone’s (or at least everyone I know) comfort food. So for all you ‘Punjabi’ food lovers, here is our list of...