The 'Real" Mumbai City Map

Bandra or Borivali: What’s in a name?

So I was at one of the posh-est areas in Bangalore yesterday, and I took a good half an hour walk around in the streets randomly. Looking at the beautiful bunglows and small pretty streets, I was remembering the quaint little streets behind Colaba Causeway and the Taj, with trees around and a certain silence...


Funky Auto Rickshaw, Mumbai

Auto Rickshaws, Cockroaches On Three Wheels

Auto rickshaws in Mumbai have various nick-names (mostly given out of spite, not love). Cockroaches, I think is quite suitable. They dive into any space and squeeze their way around. Yet they clearly the most convenient way to get around for people. Except, during monsoons and when they go on strike and when they refuse...


Mumbai Municipal Corporation

Mumbai: Stepping Out

I have lived in Mumbai all my life, and now, only a few months back have I shifted cities and come to Bengaluru with my new-new husband.This weekend – both of us went to Coorg and enjoyed a home-stay with a very interesting couple in the middle of their coffee estate. Diana, the wife, told...