Time To Bid Adieu To BEST’s ‘King Longs’

Dogged by frequent breakdowns and high maintenance cost, the Bombay Electric Supply and Transport has decided to phase out its fleet of Cerita air-conditioned buses. In the first phase, the transport undertaking will take 20 buses off the road immediately. Since their introduction in 2007, the BEST had been claiming the vehicles as products of...


BEST To The Rescue

The BEST has asked its depot managers to operate extra buses as per requirement on days when the auto unions go on strike. Two auto unions have called for a strike and this could affect services on August 22, 23 and 25, if the strike call is not withdrawn at the eleventh hour, sources said.


Old BEST Bus

Mumbai Civic Diary: Know The BEST

Our third organisation in the Mumbai Civic Diary series is the city’s beloved Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST). Popularly known for its fleet of buses, this organisation also supplies electricity to the entire stretch between Sion and Colaba and runs a ferry service connecting the quaint fishing village of Manori with the mainland at...


The ancient bus ticket

The Bombay that I Miss!

Before you point out that it’s Mumbai and not Bombay, let me clarify that I’ve used the word deliberately. I grew up in Bombay and not Mumbai and at some level, I’ll always be a Bombayite and not a Mumbaikar. What’s the difference, you ask? It’s not just a simple name change, it’s actually saying...


BEST Single Decker Tram

BEST Of The Past

Following Divya‘s post on how she misses her BEST buses in Bengaluru, I had to share these amazing photographs of the BEST of the days gone by. Few of us might know that BEST started out with trams, trolley cars, Charabancs and ferrys. BEST (Bombay Electric Supply and Transport Company) was originally The Bombay Tramway Company...