Bollywood - Not A Physical Place Like Hollywood

Star Gazing in Mumbai

Having lived in Mumbai all my life, people from outside the city ask me this a lot: Have you ever seen a movie star? In fact, recently a friend from Lithuania who was visiting Mumbai demanded to see the Bollywood equivalent of Hollywood Boulevard. When I explained to him that we had no such thing...


Paul Gasnier

Say Hello To Paul!

At first glance, Paul Gasnier looks like any other exchange student roaming the streets of Mumbai with a camera. But under that shy exterior lies an adventurous and opinionated man who has some of most insane travel stories to share. I came across Paul on the web through the MumbaiMag Facebook page, discovered his ‘garam...


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Mumbai Memoirs: A Brush With Bollywood

It was just a regular day in downtown Bombay. My friend and I were strolling down Colaba Causeway when a small man came up to us, introducing himself proudly as a casting agent for Bollywood. At first I shoved him away, sensing another scam from just another Colaba hawker. But the man meant business. He...