Fashionably Cute!

#MumbaiList: Baby Fashion eStores Come Of Age

Cute, adorable, sweet, lovable, cuddly, chubby. These are a handful of traditional adjectives that would come to one’s mind when talking about babies. Now-a-days, another adjective is sure to pop-up in one’s mind sooner than later – fashionable. To think that toddlers would be spared the demands of being in-vogue would be to think like it...


The Yoga House

The Yoga House: Go For The Yoga, Quinoa Or Both!

In an endeavor to not go back to the same eatery twice unless it’s exceptional or unavoidable, my friend called suggesting we meet at this place called the Yoga House in Bandra. She had seen a glimpse of this place in the footage her work crew had from having shot there some months back. It...

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Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan: With A Twist!

It’s Raksha Bandhan time again. Do I hear a collective squeal from the girls and a collective sigh from the boys? Yes, no doubt it’s a day for all the sisters to be pampered and no sane girl would ever say no to that. But it’s also a special day to celebrate the bond that...


Cut The Crap Tshirt

MGEEZ Tees: Turning Doodling Into A Business

Working with tight deadlines and not being able to find time for hobbies and passions sound familiar? Of course it does, unfortunately most of us in Mumbai can relate to it.  Which is the reason that when I meet people who do manage to pull off pursuing their passions while managing a full time job,...