The Yoga House

The Yoga House: Go For The Yoga, Quinoa Or Both!

In an endeavor to not go back to the same eatery twice unless it’s exceptional or unavoidable, my friend called suggesting we meet at this place called the Yoga House in Bandra. She had seen a glimpse of this place in the footage her work crew had from having shot there some months back. It...


Sapna Bhavnani in No Nasties Tshirt designed by Diti Kotecha

Eco Friendly Fashion: Wear Your Green Heart On Your Sleeve

I must say, it thrills me to bits when I walk down to buy vegetables and see a fellow shopper carrying a cloth tote instead of demanding plastic shopping bags. Mumbai has a sizable number of earth-loving, tree-hugging green freaks who make an effort to live responsibly. This attempt at sustainable living need not stop...


Canvas Summer Shopping Bazaar Pre-event Bash

Weekend: Canvas Summer Shopping Bazaar

WARNING: Read this post and your weekend shopping list just might get a little longer! CANVAS is organizing a special exhibition and sale of all things gorgeous designed by some of the best names in the field of design and fashion. If you have any of these on your shopping list – clothing, shoes, accessories, jewellery, home...