Eggs Sunny Side Up

Launchpad: A New Budget Breakfast Combo At Mocha

Day that starts well is usually a day well spent. And by well begun we mean with a hearty breakfast. Our crunched schedules almost make it impossible for us to make time for a breakfast. But now welcome your mornings at Mocha with a fresh breakfast combo for just Rs. 99. About Mocha- Coffee & Conversations...


Festive Feasting And Gifting: Sweet Treats And Seasonal Eats

Remember the good ol’ days, when Diwali meant spring cleaning, last minute visits to the tailor and home-made sweets? It was the time of the year when you could eat that extra laddoo and snack on crisp chakhlis without much guilt. Today’s Mumbai paints a very different picture. We live in homes where Rangoli space is a luxury,...


Cutting Chai Photo by Dilip Moorkoth

Mia Cucina: Now Serving Cutting Chai

What do cutting chai and Italian cuisine have in common? The answer,  Mia Cucina. That’s right. The popular Italian chain has opened their latest restaurant in Powai and is holding an exhibition of Dilip Moorkoth’s beautiful photographs capturing the city’s romance with the brew. Titled ‘Cutting Chai – The Magical Concoction Of Mumbai’ the exhibition showcases...


Curved Cup, DiBella Coffee, Mumbai

Di Bella Coffee : A Review

Masterchef Australia has suddenly introduced the Indian market to Australian cuisine, chefs and culture. Australia seems to be the ‘it’ food destination. Reflectively, Mumbai is now home to 5 branches of Di Bella Coffee, an Australian coffee brand, founded by Aussy Phillip Di Bella. It is now an international brand that aims at creating the...


Nickolai Kinny & Rahul Divay, Project Coffee Barter

Project Coffee Barter: Of Travel Tales And Café Lattés

“I only travel so I don’t run out of dinner party conversations.”… Anonymous Travel always inspires some of the most entertaining conversations. I suppose this stems from the fact that at some level, all of us, like many great explorers in the past, have a thirst for adventure and a curiosity for the unknown. In a...


Sahil Jatana preparing Coffee

The Coffee Coach: Caffeinating The World

Urban life is driven by a caffeine kick. We need coffee to wake us up, coffee to make conversation and if certain commercials are to be believed coffee to court the opposite sex. Fueled by Mumbai’s need for a racing metabolism, the Cafe culture has hit the city in a big big way. From a...