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#MumbaiList: A Taste Of Kashmiri Flavours In Aamchi Mumbai

Kashmir is undoubtedly a version of heaven on earth, globally renowned for its astounding and picturesque panorama. And when we mention Kashmir, it is impossible to ignore their deliciously exotic cuisine which is a magical feast in itself. Just the sight and fragrance of Kashmiri food, especially the variations of mutton, can make you go...


Sparkle Cupcakes, Bad Addictions

Bad Addictions: Indulgence Is No Sin

Raise your hand if you have a bad addiction. OK, hands down everyone. That’s right, we are all guilty! So why label indulgence a sin? Why not celebrate it? Like Bad Addictions, a quaint little bakery run by sisters and partners, Archana and Aparna Gupta. Like every good business that gains respect with the customers...