Ovelekar Wadi butterfly garden, image by

#MumbaiList: Visit Gardens And Open Spaces In Mumbai

Malls and indoor entertainment can get boring after a while! In this #Mumbailist, we present some peaceful gardens in Mumbai where you can sit back and relax, have a chat with friends or just enjoy nature and rejuvenate! Hanging Garden, Malabar Hill Also known as Phiorozshah Mehta Garden, it is Perhaps the oldest and most famous...


Cucumber water at The Pantry

Food Bytes: Flavoured Water, The Latest Buzzword In Mumbai

Sure, I love my beverages! Give me a nice glass of crisp chardonnay on a warm summer’s evening or a mug of cinnamon and nutmeg-spiked hot chocolate while the rain is playing pitter-patter and I’ll thank you a million times. But here’s where it gets a bit weird. I’m so not one of those people...


Winter Walks In Mumbai

#MumbaiList: Best Winter Walks Around The City

The famed and the most eagerly awaited – winter chill of the city is finally here! Felt only by the true blue Bombay-wallahs, the chill has an increasing share of detractors who leave no opportunity in dismissing the cold while comparing it to the winters up north. Well, if we could get that kind of...