Farmer's Market, Mumbai

Organic Food: A Privilege Or A Choice? What Can Mumbai Afford?

Mumbai’s very talked-about Farmers’ Market is back. Which means every Sunday organic produce will be on sale from 10a.m to 3p.m. at Maharasthra Nature Park. Along with the usual fun-n-fair atmosphere is an organic cafe, live music, a bunch of stalls and of course an interesting mix of people. This market has been hugely successful...

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The damage after visarjan

#MumbaiList: Go Green With Ganesh This Season

One of Mumbai’s favourite guests is about to arrive soon. Who else but the beloved Ganapati! And amidst all the festivities and frenzied celebrations, the city will generate a large amount of holy waste (Nirmalya). According to United Way Mumbai Helpline, nearly 3 lakh Ganesh idols will be brought home and subsequently to the lakes and...

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The Bombay Paperie - handmade paper lampshades

The Bombay Paperie: Conserving Tradition And The Environment

Many of us who have a stationery fetish cannot resist handmade paper, but few realize that what is often passed off as “handmade” these days is not really so. Hence, The Bombay Paperie – to conserve the traditional technique of handmade paper making and to spread awareness about its merits. Handmade paper making was an...