Ritu Kumar's Autumn Winter 2012-13 Collection

#MumbaiList: Mumbai’s Popular Fashion Designers And Stores

Continuing our list of Mumbai’s popular fashion designers here is the concluding part. A noted Indian fashion designer, Tarun Tahiliani is known for his ability to blend traditional craftsmanship and modern design. He opened his first boutique in India, Ensemble in 1987 and since then has opened a number of stores across India and even has...

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Summer Trends 2013- Bright Colours & Stripes

Fashion Forward: Top Five Trends That Are Hot This Summer!

When I randomly asked a bunch of my fellow fashion bloggers on Twitter what according to them are summer 2013 trends, I was so not prepared for their varied responses. While quite a few named summer staples such as pastels, floral, maxi dress/skirt, lace, denim jacket,sheer and cotton, others were more 2013 trends specific! Like every...


Collection at Kimaya

#MumbaiList: Multi-Designer Fashion Boutiques In The City

While an Indian woman looks her most beautiful in a traditional saree or salwar kameez, she will vouch for the fact that finding Indian wear that is correctly priced, that fits well and complements one’s personality is a tough, uphill task! Any woman’s shopping life is marred by instances wherein when the colour was right,...


Fashionably Cute!

#MumbaiList: Baby Fashion eStores Come Of Age

Cute, adorable, sweet, lovable, cuddly, chubby. These are a handful of traditional adjectives that would come to one’s mind when talking about babies. Now-a-days, another adjective is sure to pop-up in one’s mind sooner than later – fashionable. To think that toddlers would be spared the demands of being in-vogue would be to think like it...