Food Bytes: Celebrating Easter With Oodles Of Foodilicious Fun!

Now, I’m not one of those to pick favourites. And certainly not when it comes to ‘Fun, Food-Filled Festivals’ (aka my ultimate quadruple ‘F’ extravaganza!). But somehow Easter for me, as a good-church-going-Catholic-boy (ahem!), has always been pegged a wee notch above Christmas. I don’t know why, but there is something about those bright yellow...


The delicious kulchas Image Courtesy: iDiva.com

Amritsari Food Festival At Oye Kake: Gym Can Wait!

We have a national bird,  national animal, a national game; what about national food? If India has to choose a national food, in all probability it will be Punjabi. With it’s voracious appetite for new restaurants, its only faor that Mumbai has it’s taste of true blue punjabi, or shall I say, funjabi food. Presenting,...