Cinema At Kala Ghoda

Highlights Of The Kalaghoda Arts Festival 2013, Mumbai

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai, needs no introduction. An amalgamation of Art, Theatre, Music, Dance, Food, Literature, the KalaGhoda Arts Festival is a culture hub for nine days as performers and culture enthusiasts from all over India, unite for this festival. For the last 15 years, the KalaGhoda festival has been entertaining Mumbaikars...


ACDC posters, Bombay Merch

BombayMerch:Your Friendly Online Pop Culture Store

How often have you asked a friend who’s travelling overseas, to get you a Dexter Bobble Head or an X-Men Action Figure? And after the constant reminding and requesting, the wait for it to finally arrive is very taxing. But that’s all about to change with BombayMerch. In 2010, when 24-year-old IT graduate Akshay Butani’s...