Aqua Zumba Party

Event: Mumbai’s First Aqua Zumba Party

Want shed those extra kilos? Working out in gym is old school and lifting weights, push-ups and cardio gets boring. But Zumba is a fun way to work out. Mumbai already hosted first of a kind Zumba party and now here’s a one step further, an Aqua Zumba Pool Party by Zumba trainer Sucheta Pal....


Zumba Fitness Party

Event: Zumba Fitness Party At F Lounge In Association With VH1

After hectic office schedules, irregular meals and cups of coffees who doesn’t need a good workout to survive the the race. But regular workout regimes become boring after some point of time and gym memberships are wasted after some sessions. Wouldn’t it be perfect if we could mix fitness with partying? Voila! Here’s a mega party in Mumbai where you...


Cucumber water at The Pantry

Food Bytes: Flavoured Water, The Latest Buzzword In Mumbai

Sure, I love my beverages! Give me a nice glass of crisp chardonnay on a warm summer’s evening or a mug of cinnamon and nutmeg-spiked hot chocolate while the rain is playing pitter-patter and I’ll thank you a million times. But here’s where it gets a bit weird. I’m so not one of those people...