Highway Gomantak Sign

#MumbaiList: Konkani Cuisine In Mumbai

Malwani and Gomantak cuisine is often confused, they are actually two distinct food cultures. Malwan is a region in the southern coast of Maharashtra, whereas Gomantak refers to the Goan coastal region. We could broadly categorize them as Konkani. Being Goan myself, I’m touchy about this distinction. Let’s begin with Malwani food. I was most...


Jimmy Boy's Lagan nu Bhonu, Mumbai

#MumbaiList: Guide To Parsi Food In Mumbai

The Bombay Bawas play a very important role in giving the city character. They give Mumbai it’s required dose of eccentricity, and I mean this in the nicest possible way. The community is known for their over-the-top personalities, which of course finds expression in their food! They own some of the best colonial real estate...


Food at Oh! Calcutta, Mumbai

#MumbaiList: Guide to Bengali Food in Mumbai

Mumbai is to India, what New York is to the world. A melting pot of sorts where people from all parts of the country throng to; in search of a better life, perhaps for a better paycheck, many for their fifteen minutes of fame. This results in a whole bunch of homesick people, longing for...


Sparkle Cupcakes, Bad Addictions

Bad Addictions: Indulgence Is No Sin

Raise your hand if you have a bad addiction. OK, hands down everyone. That’s right, we are all guilty! So why label indulgence a sin? Why not celebrate it? Like Bad Addictions, a quaint little bakery run by sisters and partners, Archana and Aparna Gupta. Like every good business that gains respect with the customers...


Brownie Cravings

The Bombay Diaries: It’s 2 AM and I’m starving!

One of the things I love and miss most about Bombay is that almost any food craving can be satiated at any time. When you’re a foodie like me, hunger pangs at ungodly hours are quite common. I know they say when you’re hungry, anything will do and when you’re hungry for a particular thing...


BodyMindLife, Yoga Workshop by Samanta Duggal, Temperance

Event: BodyMindLife, A Unique Yoga Workshop At Temperance

Temperance, the newly opened cultural hub in Bandra is organizing a unique Yoga workshop this Saturday. Interestingly titled “BodyMindLife” this yoga workshop will be hosted by renowned yoga teacher of the Sivananda Yoga tradition, Samanta Duggal. Designed to benefit the stress afflicted, busy round the clock working professionals in Mumbai, this midday workshop aims to soothe all...


Red Shopping Bag

Weekend: Kingfisher Sunday Bazaar at Out Of The Blue

This weekend seems to be dedicated to shopping. If you don’t have your fill at the Canvas Summer Shopping Bazaar today, you can go splurge on the Kingfisher Sunday Bazaar at Out Of The Blue, Powai tomorrow. The king of good times is rolling out a fun filled evening inviting foodies and shopoholics. The Kingfisher Sunday Bazaar which...

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Peter and Sampada, Founders, The Gourmet Club

The Gourmet Club: Eat, Drink And Live The Good Life!

Picture if you will: an abstract artist, a suited-up investment banker, a German automobile engineer, a couple of south Bombay media types, your neighborhood Punjabi aunty and perhaps an opinionated feminist writer all sitting down to share a meal. It would definitely make for some spirited conversations, some renewed perspectives on life and maybe even...


Open Late, Night Call

Night Call: Midnight Binging Made Easy

“Every weekend it would be the same story. I’m hanging out with my friends at Colaba and invariably one of them would start griping about how we are out of smokes or booze and there is no way we can lay our hands on any at that unearthly hour. I had to do something about...