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All In A Day’s Paan: Meet Mumbai’s Famous ‘Paanwaalas’

Remember the song, ‘khaike paan Banaras wale, khul jaye bandh akal ka taala?’ That is the kind of magic that a simple betel leaf combined with the right concoction can create. A paan is like a tradition that completes the Indian meal. Maghai, Banarasi, Calcutta, Meetha, Saada and the types of paan are endless. The...


J N Petit Institute Old Library

Libraries In Mumbai: Hidden Treasures!

They say that a city is judged by the quality of its public libraries. A public library is a key amenity for all the citizens as it not only opens up the doors to various avenues through books but also creates a community space. Although we do not have a National Library to boast of,...


Kitab Khana, Fort

Cafes And Libraries: Beating The Blues With Books

Living in Mumbai for a little over twenty three years, I quite share a love – hate relationship with this city. I hate the rains, traffic and of course, convincing rickshaw drivers who refuse to go just about anywhere. Bustling with people, cars and more people, Mumbai often leaves you feeling overwhelmed yet isolated. But...