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E-gifting Made Easy: Three Websites That Offer Unique Gifts

Around Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, MumbaiMag received a plethora of messages asking for ‘different’ gifting ideas and suggestions for gifting websites. Most cited lack of time as a hurdle to finding the right gift and others just could not find a unique one even after hunting for quite a while. So we decided to...


Striped Berry Paletas - Aloha Paletaz

Aloha Paletaz: Healthy, Fruitilicious Popsicles

Tucked away on Carter Road is a quaint tiny ice cream shop that sells Mexican frozen fruity popsicles, called Paletaz, and Hawaiin shaved ice. Just the right recipe to kill the heat! Aloha Paletaz in Bandra, started by owner and chef Sunil Grover is a labor of love. And you can see that in each and...