#MumbaiList: Top Five Restaurants For Healthy Eating This Summer

Weekend is here! And it often leads to loads of over indulgence followed by lazing around. Resisting fattening food isn’t made any easier with restaurants serving up delicious set menus with sinful weekend offers or IPL offers. Also family gatherings are bursting with samosas, gujiyas, jalebis, puran polis, cakes, meats or simply everything laden with...


Toasty and Tasty, Quiznos, Mumbai

#MumbaiList: Restaurant News! They Just Keep Coming!

It seems like Mumbai’s food lovers are going to have a tough time keeping up. It seems like this city list of eateries just keep growing. That’s a part of the charm I suppose, there’s always place for more. Here’s a look at some of the newest additions. More Subs! I suppose this was a...