Quottro Drive

Event: Audi Great Indian Quattro Drive Powered By Autocar

Have a passion for speed? Then why not team it up with luxury and class? It’s time to make this summer thrilling by driving the ultimate in luxury, the Audi, to explore the mesmerising landscapes of India from Churu Rajasthan to the cold frigid zones of Dras Kashmir! Autocar India started off with Audi Great...


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INDIAreads: The Local Library Is Now National

Having a father in the financial sector is bad for your vacations! Yes you read it right and this I say from personal experience. Your father working in the financial sector would mean that your April summer vacations are his busiest months and that effectually means no going out of the city. So what do...


What does freedom / independence mean to you?

What Does Independence Mean To You?

Away from the blaring loud speakers and on loop promos of patriotic movies on TV channels to commemorate our Independence Day, I have been wondering about patriotism, independence, freedom and democracy… What does Independence mean to us today? After reading Rajyashree’s post about festivities turning to absurdities sometimes, I was wondering how concepts of freedom,...


Indian Memory Project

Indian Memory Project: About The People, By The People

While life itself perishes away, what we are left with are memories. Photographs have a way of capturing these memories and making them immortal. “Photographs are a way to time travel, and imagine how they must have been, who they must have been” says Anusha Yadav. A photographer herself, her love for photographic memories has...