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Trend Spotting: Pop Up Stores, The New Way To Shop

In recent times, Mumbai has seen the sudden appearance and equally quick disappearance of several stores. Before your mind starts racing with questions pertaining to these mystery stores, we introduce you to this all new concept which has taken the retail scenario in Mumbai by storm. Called the ‘pop-up shops’, these are temporary stores that...


Salad counter at Shiro

#MumbaiList: Brunch Please!

If you’ve ever been seriously hungover on a Sunday morning, and craved for breakfast in bed, you have Guy Beringer to thank – an English writer who invented the “brunch” in 1895. While his invention took more than 30 years to catch up with the rest of the world, about 117 years later, I can’t...


Easter Brunching in Mumbai

Easter Sunday: Where are you brunching?

What’s Easter without good food and great company! And keeping that sentiment in mind, MumbaiMag recommends the following cafés and restaurants that are offering a special Easter Menu on Sunday, 8th April for you to feast on with family and friends. Peshwa Pavilion Easter Menu: Roast leg of Lamb, Honey-glazed Ham, Hot Cross Buns, Pretzels,...