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Restaurant Review: Vicinia Cafe.Bar, Your Friendly Neighbourhood Eatery

With a name like ‘Vicinia’ which means vicinity or neighbourhood in Italian, this seven-month-old café cum bar channels casual with a capital ‘C’! With screaming kids running helter-skelter, almost toppling down the tray-toting server and parents publicly chasticising their offspring, Vicinia is one helluva noisy place. And don’t even get me started on the loud...


Kitab Khana, Fort

Cafes And Libraries: Beating The Blues With Books

Living in Mumbai for a little over twenty three years, I quite share a love – hate relationship with this city. I hate the rains, traffic and of course, convincing rickshaw drivers who refuse to go just about anywhere. Bustling with people, cars and more people, Mumbai often leaves you feeling overwhelmed yet isolated. But...


Mango Fever - bright yellow mangoes

Mango Fever: Let The Addiction Take Over!

Mango fever has taken over Mumbai! From main course to desserts and facials to foot massages, mangoes are everywhere! Here’s listing some the awesome avatars of the king of fruits available in the city this summer. If you find more, mail us! Mango Food Festivals Rajdhani, Multiple Locations Menu: Special seasonal mango menu – Keri...