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Games We Play: Daily Olympics Of The Average Mumbaite

2012 has been a year of games. Be it the Olympics games, ‘The Hunger Games’ or ‘A Game of Thrones’, everyone’s playing something. This got me thinking- what games are we Mumbaites playing? Are we enjoying the virtual kind or the more physical types or are we indulging in an adult version of playground games?...


Surviving Rush Hour Traffic in Mumbai Locals

Never A Dull Moment On Mumbai Locals

Here are four reasons why local trains are the best form of public transport. No, this is not a post about how it’s better to be stuck in a cramped up compartment with sweaty women v/s moving at the speed of 1 Km/Hr on a traffucked highway. What this post will tell you though is how...


Mumbai Local Station, Mumbai Paused

Mumbai Locals: Chugging Away!

Western, Central and Harbour lines, these life lines of Mumbai carry millions each day all over the city. They serve the purpose of going from point A to B and that’s enough for the average Mumbaikar for whom as long as the purpose is served, every thing else be damned. However, the trains are an...