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All In A Day’s Paan: Meet Mumbai’s Famous ‘Paanwaalas’

Remember the song, ‘khaike paan Banaras wale, khul jaye bandh akal ka taala?’ That is the kind of magic that a simple betel leaf combined with the right concoction can create. A paan is like a tradition that completes the Indian meal. Maghai, Banarasi, Calcutta, Meetha, Saada and the types of paan are endless. The...


Dahi Handi, Mumbai Image: IndiaTVNews

Festivity Or Absurdity?

Our city gets engulfed in the spirit of ‘festivities’ as we like to call it, come August-September. It’s started with Janamashtami or Dahi Handi as it is popularly known and will now continue till beyond Ganeshchaturthi or Ganpati as we all know it. The festive folks swing into a massive frenzy and us common folks...