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Ovelekar Wadi butterfly garden, image by

#MumbaiList: Visit Gardens And Open Spaces In Mumbai

Malls and indoor entertainment can get boring after a while! In this #Mumbailist, we present some peaceful gardens in Mumbai where you can sit back and relax, have a chat with friends or just enjoy nature and rejuvenate! Hanging Garden, Malabar Hill Also known as Phiorozshah Mehta Garden, it is Perhaps the oldest and most famous...


Global Vipassana Pagoda Image Courtesy: Velachery Balu

#MumbaiList: Visit Mumbai’s Famous Jain And Buddhist Temples

After our posts on the oldest Churches in Mumbai and the beautiful temples and Gurudwaras in the city, we continue our journey with the famous Jain and Buddhist temples around town. Though Jainism is a religious minority in India, Mumbai has one of the largest Jain populations among all the cities in the country. There are numerous temples...