Maya ne Banaya


Festive Feasting And Gifting: Sweet Treats And Seasonal Eats

Remember the good ol’ days, when Diwali meant spring cleaning, last minute visits to the tailor and home-made sweets? It was the time of the year when you could eat that extra laddoo and snack on crisp chakhlis without much guilt. Today’s Mumbai paints a very different picture. We live in homes where Rangoli space is a luxury,...


Home cooked gourmet, Samaas

#MumbaiList: Homemade Food, Full Of Heart

When I was little, I remember being quite envious of my mallu best friend. At her place they ate warm crisp dosas for breakfast and spicy coconut fish-curry for lunch. Even a simple dal made by her mom tasted different from mine. Though I loved my mother’s food, meals at her home were exotic. I...