mumbai paused


Mumbai Local Station, Mumbai Paused

Mumbai Locals: Chugging Away!

Western, Central and Harbour lines, these life lines of Mumbai carry millions each day all over the city. They serve the purpose of going from point A to B and that’s enough for the average Mumbaikar for whom as long as the purpose is served, every thing else be damned. However, the trains are an...


Cloth Bags of Grant Road, Mumbai

Rectangular Mumbai: The Cloth Bags of Grant Road

MumbaiMag is thrilled to have Gopal M S, the man behind MumbaiPaused, join us as Guest Writer. His candid street photographs capture the stark restlessness inherent to our city in the simplest, most subtle ways. This is his first blog post and we look forward to many more. It’s amazing what we Indians have been doing forever with...