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The ancient bus ticket

The Bombay that I Miss!

Before you point out that it’s Mumbai and not Bombay, let me clarify that I’ve used the word deliberately. I grew up in Bombay and not Mumbai and at some level, I’ll always be a Bombayite and not a Mumbaikar. What’s the difference, you ask? It’s not just a simple name change, it’s actually saying...


BEST bus

BEST: Bas Ek Sahi Thi

I was watching a show on National Geogrpahic last night which was basically giving an over-view of the transport in Mumbai. Most of it was stuff we know (simply because we have to bear it), whether it is roads turning into parking lots or trains which stall during monsoons. But we do know that most...


Cloth Bags of Grant Road, Mumbai

Rectangular Mumbai: The Cloth Bags of Grant Road

MumbaiMag is thrilled to have Gopal M S, the man behind MumbaiPaused, join us as Guest Writer. His candid street photographs capture the stark restlessness inherent to our city in the simplest, most subtle ways. This is his first blog post and we look forward to many more. It’s amazing what we Indians have been doing forever with...